The 26 Korean words that recently got added to the Oxford dictionary

Published on Oct 08, 2021 10:56 AM IST  |  103.4K
BTS in hanbok
BTS in hanbok : courtesy of News1

The Hallyu wave is taking everyone by storm and as the world rushes to catch up with the soaring popularity of the Korean world, Oxford dictionary has come with its own contribution. Recently it was reported that 26 Korean words have been added to the famed English dictionary.


A statement from the Oxford English Dictionary said, “We are all riding the crest of the Korean wave, and this can be felt not only in film, music, or fashion, but also in our language, as evidenced by some of the words and phrases of Korean origin included in the latest update of the Oxford English Dictionary.”


A dedication to the wildly popular Korean food craze, the words mukbang (eating vlog), banchan (side dishes), bulgogi (barbeque meat), chimaek (chicken beer), dongchimi (a type of kimchi), galbi (grilled ribs), japchae (stir fried noodles), kimbap (meat and vegetable roll) and samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly).


Further viral slangs like aegyo (cute actions), oppa (elder brother/ male friend to a female), noona (elder sister/ female friend to a male), unni (elder sister/ female friend to a female), PC bang (internet café), skinship (physical contact), daebak (amazing, dope) and fighting (encouraging cheer), found their way to the list.


Korean cultural words hanbok (traditional Korean attire), Tang Soo Do (type of martial arts), hallyu (Korean wave), manhwa (comic), trot (type of music) and Korean wave have been a meaningful addition to understanding the integrity of the Asian nation.


As the ‘K’ becomes more famous each day, K-, K-drama and Konglish (Korean and English) found a place in the dictionary, further helping the spread of the Korean culture.


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