2PM is back after 5 years with their new MV Make It

Published on Jun 28, 2021 06:08 PM IST  |  248.6K
2PM concept photo of comeback album MUST.

The ‘Kings of 2nd Gen K-Pop’ have finally come back as a whole group and released their 7th full length album “Must”. Their title track “Make it”, written and composed by Woo-young, was released on June 28th. They were last seen promoting as a group in 2016 with ‘Gentleman’s Game’, their previous album and now they are finally back after most of their members completed their mandatory military service. 

Silky smooth vocals, mature visuals, apocalyptic setting and fresh moves- the MV had it all. Talking about a second chance at love and how they would grab it at any given time, even if the earth split in two, the 6 members tried their individual style and ways to bring their love back to them. It was the most like them and at the same time, it felt like a breath of fresh air seeing them back on our screens again! 

Watch the music video of Make It below:

Their album “Must” under JYP Entertainment, has 10 songs and surprisingly, they also added an acoustic version of “My House”, arguably, one of their most loved songs. Their long awaited comeback has finally paid off for their fans as they can now enjoy their album, MV and all the other promotions which would also prove their other title “Variety Kings”, as they are known for their funny antics and no-bounds stories on various variety shows. 

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