2PM’s Chansung, Jeon So Min and more somberly pose in new ‘Show Window’ character posters

Published on Oct 17, 2021 12:51 PM IST  |  379.1K
Show Window Posters
Show Window Posters; Picture Courtesy: Channel A

Recently, Channel A released the character posters of the four main characters who will lead ‘Show Window’: Song Yoon Ah (Han Seon Joo), Lee Sung Jae (Shin Myeong Seop), Jeon So Min (Yoon Mi Ra), and Hwang Chansung (Han Jung Won). The personality and narrative of each character in the poster arouses interest.

Channel A's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Show Window’ will be broadcasted for the first time in November which is a mystery melodrama depicting the story of a woman who cheered for an affair without knowing that it was her husband. Expectations are high by foretelling the unconventional storyline and the passionate performances of talented actors. 

First, Song Yoon Ah expresses the queen Han Seon Joo, who has built a perfect family with an overwhelming aura. Her cool gaze in the poster heralds the crack in Han Seon Joo's life, and makes one wonder who upset the queen. Added to this, the line of "You'd rather have that man" is Han Seon Joo's line that becomes the seed of destruction. This makes us curious about the chain reaction that Han Seon Joo's words will cause.


Jeon So Min gives a strong impact with her provocative eyes. The character of Yoon Mi Ra, who takes anything she wants, is fully reflected. Also, the quirky question, "Why are you being nice to me?" contains the narrative of Yoon Mi Ra, who became friends with Han Seon Joo while sharing love with Shin Myung Seop. Curious about how Yoon Mira finally got into a relationship between the two of them, and what will happen as a result.


Hwang Chansung , who plays Han Seon Joo's younger brother Han Jeong Won, is also special. The sadness in his big eyes makes the viewers stay. The phrase “just being careful alone doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt” reveals the scars Han Jeong Won has. This is Han Seon Joo's younger brother, suggesting that he has a story that seems to have lived a perfect life, and amplifies the curiosity. In addition, the soft atmosphere felt in the poster shows that Han Jeong Won is a person with a warm heart, even though he has an invisible pain. 


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