2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung share a scary anecdote of facing sasaengs when they were asleep

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2PM recently appeared on the variety show ‘Ask Us Anything’ where a shocking incident was revealed by the members Taecyeon and Chansung. They shared an instance when sasaengs had entered their hotel room while they were sleeping. Sasaengs are obsessive fans who engage in behaviour like stalking or invading celebrities' privacy. Upon being asked about this incident, Taecyeon elaborated that they were visiting Singapore for a concert. Chansung and Taecyeon shared a room in the hotel where they were staying. Taecyeon shared that both of them do not wear clothes when they are sleeping. He recalled that they were sleeping when he suddenly heard a card key beep and the door open. He heard five to six females giggling quietly which startled and confused Taecyeon. The idol-actor questioned himself whether they entered the wrong room or what was going on. He was scared since he could hear his heart pound loudly. 


The sasaengs entered the room and saw Taecyeon. He continued that since it was Singapore and not Korea, Taecyeon began cursing in English because he was shocked. In return, the sasaengs started swearing at him too. To this, the host Kim Heechul from Super Junior asked why did the stalkers swear at him. Taecyeon had no idea about it but replied that the fans must have used card keys to get into their rooms. Chansung continued with his perspective of the story. Chansung woke up because he heard Taecyeon swearing a lot and was repelled seeing the people in front of him invading his privacy. They reported the incident to the hotel who apologized and gave them champagne. 


A lot of celebrities have to face such abhorring incidents. Let’s hope sasaengs stop with such immature behaviour!


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