2PM talk about the meaning behind title song Make It, a unique ‘sexiness’ in the album & more in press con

Published on Jun 28, 2021 05:53 PM IST  |  415.5K
2PM concept photo for comeback album MUST
2PM's concept photo for seventh studio album 'MUST'.

The ‘beast idols’ 2PM made their comeback after almost 5 years today, on June 28, 2021! Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung attended the press conference held today for their seventh studio album ‘MUST’. The group’s last release was an album in 2015, after which, the group went on a hiatus as members had to complete their military services. Now that the men are back, fans are excited as ever about the group and the sensuous charms they exuded in the concept photos.


In the press conference, they talked about a lot of things. Wooyoung, Jun.K and Taecyeon took part in seven tracks out of the ten in the MUST album. The title track ‘Make It’ was both written and composed by Wooyoung. He shared his experience when his song was chosen as the title track. He also talked about the meaning behind the song and how it came to being. Wooyoung shared, “The song originates from two questions, one that I want to ask and one that I ‘must’ ask, which are, ‘If love comes to me again, what should I say?’ and ‘If now is the time for 2PM’s album, what should we do?’”. He elaborated, “I thought I should leave everything out and just write, ‘Must do it,’ and started from there. The members responded to my song with sincerity. They trusted in me and followed my lead while preparing for the album and recording the song, and seeing that, I worked hard until the end with eagerness to create the best results for these people.”


When asked about what’s different in this album than the previous concepts, Taecyeon responded saying it has a type of sexiness they can only show in their 30s. He said, “This is the first album we’re releasing after entering our 30s. When we released our last album, I was 29. In our 20s, I think we gave off a stronger feeling of youthful passion. I believe the album also portrayed an atmosphere that the 2PM of that time could show without limiting ourselves to only being sexy. In the beginning, we showed youthful energy with refreshing concepts and acrobatics, and then in our 20s, we emphasized the sexiness we could show in our 20s.”


2PM had a raw, macho charm to them which ended up fans giving them the title of Beast Idols or K-Sexy. They were asked if there’s any other nickname they would want to earn, Nichkhun said that he likes the ‘Beast Idol’ nickname but he just wants to be 2PM. He explained that the fans gave them this title because of their love for the group and they’ll always work hard but he thinks it would be right to say that 2PM is 2PM. Nothing else. Jun.K also shared that with this comeback, he hopes more people to know about the group 2PM and the many different charms each member has. 


The group’s ‘MUST’ album was released today and the music video of title track ‘Make It’ is here.  Watch it below:


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