Don't want to be eye candy in a woman-oriented film: Varun Dhawan

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In the past one year, we have seen one too many women-oriented films strive at the box office. Though this is a big feat, more often than not, we did not see our mainstream 'heroes' in these films. Why are the biggies hesitant to sign such films?

Varun Dhawan gives his reasoning and mentions he will do such a film only if it does not reduce him to an eye candy. DNA reports Varun as saying, "Ya, why not? I mean I should have a damn important part to play, screenplay-wise or impact-wise. If I have a great part that is making a difference to the film, I would gladly do it, even if it is a small part. But I don’t want to be eye-candy in that film, that I won’t do. My character should be important to the subject and in making a change."

He further added, "Why would I? Because I feel that it’s a story that is needed to be told. There are some stories in the world that lot of actors and even audiences don’t want to look at. Because maybe they are very gory or very disturbing in nature. People don’t want to see them, but they are the truth. Like Badlapur. It was based on a true-life story of a man. Everyone told me don’t do the film. Not one person said do the film. I just believed in the story. So I did it. Badlapur is an experience, I will never give up that for anything in the world. I am looking for something to push, to do something new, to tell a story which people think should not be told".

Well said, don't you think?


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