Salman defends Yakub, wants punishment for Tiger Memon

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Salman Khan posted a series of tweets last night in which he spoke up in defence of Yakub Memon, the convicted in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 9h9 hours ago
Get tiger hang him. Parade him not his brother

Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 9h9 hours ago
been wanting to tweet Tis fr 3 days n was afraid to do so but it involves a man's n family. Don't hang brother hang tha lomdi who ran away

Salman confessed that he had been waiting to write his opinion since a while but was wary of the reactions it may get. In the tweets, Salman stated that instead of Yakub, the main accused Tiger Memon should be hanged. Yakub and Tiger are brothers but while Yakub was held guilty for plotting the blasts and executing it in 1997, Tiger Memon has been on the run. Yakub was also found guilty of distributing arms and ammunition. His hanging has been scheduled for July 30th but Yakub has filed to the hon'ble Supreme Court for a stay on the execution.

Salman spoke up about the case and stated that Yakub's hanging would be a "killing" of humanity. He posted -

Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 9h9 hours ago
1 innocent man killed is killing the humanity

Salman also made a request to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, to inform India if Tiger Memon is in Pakistan at the moment -

Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 9h9 hours ago View translation
Sharif Saab ek darkhaust hai k agar yeh aap k mulkh mein hai toh plz iktila kar deejiyeh.


How does he know

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