OMG!This old interview of Ranbir gives us an insight into the Ranbir-Deepika-Katrina triangle!

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Check out this very interesting interview of Ranbir Kapoor by Karan Johar. This interview from 2010 takes us down the Bollywood memory lane when things were entirely least in the romantic link-ups scene!

This video, made during the promotions of Wake-Up Sid, has some pretty interesting answers during a rapid fire round, both from Ranbir and Konkana, that are surely entertaining to listen to when seen in hindsight.

When Konkana was asked which Bollywood couple is the least likely to tie the knot from a list that included Salman-Katrina, John-Bipasha, Konkana-Ranvir Shorey, Saif-Kareena and Ranbir-Deepika, she answered "Salman-Katrina". This had Ranbir sniggering and remarked that Salman wouldn't be too pleased about that. Wow! Tables have turned and how! Interestingly, only Kareena and Saif from the list have made it!

In another interesting twist, when Ranbir was asked the same question, he surprisingly said "Ranbir-Deepika"! Ouch! So did Ranbir know that the relationship was not for keeps? He also explained his reasoning saying, 'it was too early' and hence the thought.

Also, when Ranbir was asked about an absurd rumour he had heard about himself, he said, "the rumour that I am dating Katrina Kaif." There you go. This love triangle nicely explained in the interview, don't you think?


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