4 times Park Seo Joon made us realise how absolutely drool worthy he is

Everyone’s heartthrob Park Seo Joon has a definite charm of his own that can’t be overlooked. We’re picking some of the many times he stole our hearts. Check them out!
Top KDrama actor Park Seo Joon clicked by media 4 times Park Seo Joon made us realise how absolutely drool worthy he is
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Park Seo Joon made his acting debut ten years ago. Today, after a decade, he stands tall as one of South Korea’s most accomplished, loved, and recognized actors. His cheerful personality and incredible choice of scripts has led him to be termed as the ‘Best Kisser’ and the ‘King of Romance Comedies’ by many fans. 


One look at Park Seo Joon, and one feels like beating themselves up for not watching this powerhouse of fun and romance before. He has even received major awards for his spectacular acting in various dramas and movies. Yes, Park Seo Joon has even acted in multiple movies such as cop-comedy ‘Midnight Runners’, a drama thriller called ‘The Divine Fury’ and cameos in the award-winning Parasite and the romcom 'The Beauty Inside'. 


While the majority have been rom coms, the characters that he plays are different. From the young, next-door-guy who lives carefree but is ambitious Dong Man in Fight For My Way, to a young adult maturing into an entrepreneur Park Sae Royi to a narcissistic CEO Lee Young Joon in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, it’s difficult to find a show or movie where Park Seo Joon didn’t completely shed off his personality and blended into the character. 


So for all the die hard Park Seo Joon fans, we’re bringing top 4 moments when he stole our hearts. And for new or non Park Seo Joon fans, we hope you fall in love with him after this!


1. The aegyo scene from Fight for My Way


“Dong-man is sad. Ae-ra keeps saying that Dong-man can't fight. That makes me sad. I'm so mad.”


If you read this in Park Seo Joon’s Korean voice, welcome to the club. To be honest, there’s hardly any scene in the classic Fight for My Way that doesn’t make us fall in love with him. The shirtless MMA moments, the funny moments when he would choke hold his best friend Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won), moments when he would behave cheesy and so many more. Among most of them, is the iconic aegyo scene.



2. Being the adorable hyung to BTS’ V in Hwarang 


Fans might be synonymous with the Woog Squad. It’s a lovely name given to the group of BTS’ V, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, Park Hyung Sik and Peakboy. Every moment amongst the group that is made public is lovely, but this one especially stands out. In the sageuk drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior, V played the character of Suk Han Sung, the youngest, most soft-hearted Hwarang member who loved Park Seo Joon’s Kim Sun Woo. When Hansung pleads to Sun Woo, refusing to leave his side and asking him to take him to a place too, we see Seo Joon’s adorable face smiling at him, and keeping him at bay. 



3. The fact that he buys food for his dongsaengs! 


In an interview conducted for Hwarang, the younger actors were asked if Seojun hyung bought them lunch to which everyone replied 'Yes'. The other members talked about how whenever they went out to eat, Seo Joon paid for them! The eldest member among the Hwarang main cast then said that when his old friends bought him lunch many times when he was the youngest, treating him well. Which is why he now treats his young friends well!



4. When he moved us to tears and showed us the real Park Seo Joon at the KBS Awards


In 2017, Park Seo Joon won the Excellence In Acting Award in A Miniseries for his role in Fight for My Way. Getting such a precious award, he first talked about his hard work in trying to maintain physique and train for portraying the role of a MMA fighter and went on to thank the cast and crew. For a brief moment, he had the audience and fans laughing as he tried to calm himself down before speaking about his parents. He talked about how his father is not known by his own name, but as Park Seo Joon’s dad, and went on to express his love for his family on national television.



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Among the many, many moments, these were the ones that we love the most. What about you? Tell us in the comments below! 

Anonymous 1 month ago

Stop hyping only particular actor. There are many other actor too who need your attention.

Anonymous 1 month ago

This site has plenty of articles on other actors. If you need to look for your favorite one, there’s a search bar up top, sweetie.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Really!!! As a media person I wish you have not been biased towards one actor.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Anonymous give credit where it's due. This actor is really humble and deserves to be acknowledged. Pull your head in.

Anonymous 1 month ago

This young man has a special gift. He is very talented. Very respectful of the people around him. There is something very special about him as a actor. He has not reached his potential yet. He will one day be known as one Of Korea’s best ever actors. The best is yet to come. Best wishes.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Honestly, fell for him after watching she was pretty

Anonymous 2 months ago

When he shouted "I'm the King" in Hwarang.