4th Gen representatives TXT talk about choosing FIGHT OR ESCAPE, The Rolling Stones, BTS & more

Updated on Aug 25, 2021 08:51 AM IST  |  193.5K
TOMORROW X TOGETHER at the media showcase for 'The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’
TOMORROW X TOGETHER at the media showcase for 'The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’ : Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

TOMORROW X TOGETHER held a virtual media showcase for their latest album, 'The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’ on August 17, just hours before the release. A pre-recorded affair, the members of the boy group joined in, dressed in chic black suits, oozing confidence and charisma from head to toe. As they have made a comeback within three months of their last album, the members seemed very excited to present their newest collection to the world.

Right on entry, the members introduced themselves with their signature ‘One Dream’ slogan when youngest member Huening Kai quirkily added ‘we’ll do our best’, which is usually a chant followed by rookie groups in K-pop industry. This was followed by the host asking them about the purpose of the new album. Huening Kai explained how the last album 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ saw a boy frozen in his thoughts about his life, whereas 'The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’ has him trying to figure out whether to fight or flee from a situation. 

On being asked about the new additions to this album which is a repackage of the last, Taehyun informed that the title track ‘LOSER=LOVER’ is an emo pop-funk song about a boy who seems to be a loser to the world but in reality wants to be a ‘lover’ to ‘you’. Soobin added that it expresses their desire to escape. The host enquired about Yeonjun writing his own rap for the first time on a title track. Yeonjun spoke about how Bang Si Hyuk (Big Hit Music founder) suggested it and how Yeonjun thought of the bigger picture while actually doing it. 

‘LOSER=LOVER’ boasts a myriad of popular producers who have previously worked with international stars like Justin Beiber, The Weekend and more. Taehyun revealed that Bang Si Hyuk asked American executive Scooter Braun for help, who introduced the producers to them. Another point of ‘synergy’ is how the title song has sound from a very special instrument. Scooter Braun seems to have gifted a guitar to the Big Hit Music team, one that has been used by the legendary musician from The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards and was used for recording ‘LOSER=LOVER’.

Further, the boys were asked if they land in a similar situation as the people they play in the music video, what would they do. Taehyun revealed how he would try to change the situation by evolving instead of fighting. Soobin mentioned how his friends often find themselves facing barriers in life and if in their place, he would find a hobby to deal with his frustration. Beomgyu mentioned his own struggles and how he decided to embrace his emotions and find a silver lining. Yeonjun spoke about how he felt pressured as people said their success was owed to their label but chose to set standards for himself to overcome it. And Huening Kai recalled his trainee days when he blamed the world but has learned from it to focus on the present.

When they were asked about feeling pressurised as the juniors of BTS, Yeonjun replied that it was impossible not to feel the pressure but they only used it to work harder and show a better side of themselves to the world. 

The TOMORROW X TOGETHER members also mentioned how they did their best while preparing this album by looking up rock songs and trying to dance with standing mics. The questions came to an end with leader Soobin thanking everyone for their time, asking for lots of support and love for their new album as the other members bid goodbye.

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