5 Facts about Start Up actor Nam Joo Hyuk every true fan should know

Nam Joo Hyuk is stealing hearts with his new role as Nam Do San in Start Up. Here are some facts about the actor that can help you get to know him better.
Nam Joo Hyuk at a Dior Event 5 Facts about Start Up actor Nam Joo Hyuk every true fan should know
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Nam Joo Hyuk is making headlines every day with his incredible role in Start Up alongside Bae Suzy and Kim Seon Ho and for good reason too. He’s an incredibly talented award-winning model-turned-actor who has enjoyed sustained success ever since his acting debut back in 2014. Nam Joo Hyuk shot to fame with his role in KBS teen drama Who Are You: School 2015.

From smaller supporting roles to main lead roles and even film appearances and becoming a variety show regular cast, Nam Joo Hyuk has done it all and completely deserves the success he has today. In 2016, he played supporting roles in college romance series Cheese in the Trap and historical drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo which immediately made him popular. The same year, he became a regular cast member in the entertainment variety show Three Meals a Day and afterwards took on his first lead role in the youth sports drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, a mega-hit. There was no looking back from then on.

Here are 5 facts about Start Up actor Nam Joo Hyuk every true fan should know:

1.       He dreamed of becoming a basketball player

With his tall frame and incredible proportions, it is no surprise that Nam Joo Hyuk dreamed of becoming a basketball player. He played the sport for 3 years in middle school but had to put a pause on his dreams when he sustained an injury and had to get surgery on both legs. However, on a Korean variety show Infinite Challenge, he got to meet star player Stephen Curry and even beat him in a one-on-one match!

2.       He’s friends with fellow Start Up actor Stephanie Lee

Both Nam Joo Hyuk and Stephanie Lee have been very close for a long time now as they were both models under YGKPlus. They’ve both posted photos with each other over the years and this new discovery is making fans fall in love with them even more.

3.       Nam Joo Hyuk is the Korean ambassador for Dior Men

The actor was chosen to be the first Korean ambassador for luxury fashion brand Dior’s menswear line in 2019 and he continues to make his mark on the fashion world.

4.       He dated his co-star Lee Sung Kyung

Having admitted that his ideal type was someone like Kim Bok Joo from the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, it was later revealed that he was actually dating the actress who played the lead role alongside him, Lee Sung Kyung. However, it was also confirmed that they have officially broken up.

5.       He is signed to the same company as Gong Yoo

After leaving YG Entertainment, Nam Joo Hyuk signed with Management SOOP, home to incredible artists like Gong Yoo, Jung Yu Mi and Choi Woo Shik. Earlier this year, Nam Joo Hyuk appeared alongside Jung Yu Mi in Netflix’s The School Nurse Files.