Fight For My Way, The King: Eternal Monarch & more: 5 Kdramas that depict healthy romantic relationships well

K-Dramas have effectively set the bar for what you should look for in relationships.

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A screenshot from Descendants of the Sun.
Fight For My Way, The King: Eternal Monarch & more: 5 Kdramas that depict healthy romantic relationships well

Korean romance dramas are often relegated to being unrealistic portrayals of relationships and dating, especially by those who haven't ever really watched one whole K-Drama through to the end. However, a true K-Drama fan would know better than anyone else that K-Dramas are idealistic situations that really aren't that far from reality. The relationships portrayed in K-Dramas are built on the principles of mutual love and respect above anything else and as such, they lead to fulfilling fairy-tale-like love stories. There's nothing fantastical about them except for the fact that two people who claim to love each other, actually do. Perhaps expecting basic decency, honesty, trust and respect might be unrealistic to some but for the rest, it is absolutely rightful. 

Here are 5 K-Dramas that perfectly depict healthy relationships:

Fight For My Way - Ko Dong Man & Choi Ae Ra, Kim Joo Man & Baek Seol Hee

Through the lens of a bright youth drama, Fight For My Way perfectly shows the intricacies and complexities of love and relationships. From a newly formed couple to a mature one, no relationship is quite the same. Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra have a different love language than Kim Joo Man and Baek Seol Hee and yet they're oddly similar in that the people in those relationships have unending respect for each other. They support each others' dreams, even if it takes a little time to get used to it. They care for each other and are protective but never suffocating. If that's not the definition of a healthy relationship, we don't know what it.

Descendants of the Sun - Yoon Myeong Joo & Seo Dae Young

Attention is almost always focused on this drama's central couple, played beautifully by Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. However, the subtle, steady and patient love between Yoon Myeong Joo and Seo Dae Young is severely underrated. Throughout the drama, their relationship and bond come a long way to say the least. They mature and so does their love.

Still 17 - Woo Seo Ri & Gong Woo Jin

Woo Seo Ri and Gong Woo Jin are always there right beside each other regardless of the circumstances. Woo Jin sets aside his own inner conflict to embrace the love he feels for this woman and Seo Ri is never reluctant to give in her to her feelings. Their love is sweet and innocent and yet, fiercely strong. There's nothing that can come between them because they're so certain of their feelings and that exactly what makes them such a beautiful couple.

Welcome to Waikiki S1 - Han Yoon Ah & Kang Dong Gu

Yoon Ah and Dong Gu's relationship might look painstakingly slow-paced to a viewer but if we were to think of it in the grand scheme of things and not just 16 episodes, it was just the right speed. Feelings grew tenderly into something much stronger until the two couldn't deny it anymore despite the places where they respectively were in their lives. Dong Gu was basically unemployed and struggling whereas Yoon Ah was a single mother and yet, through their relationship, they found themselves even better than they could alone.


The King: Eternal Monarch - Lee Gon & Jung Tae Eul

Finally, this list would not be complete without Lee Gon and Tae Eul. Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun immortalised love and proved that it quite literally can transcend beyond time and space and even dimensions and alternate universes. Lee Gon fights tooth and nail to protect Tae Eul and she blindly trusts his word, if nothing else. The two resolve not only each other's problems but also their world's at large and still make their strongest efforts to be with each other, even if that meant for short periods at a time. This is love and it is realistic. 

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