5 KPop idols whose ideal type is a woman with short hair ft. Sungjin, Onew, & others!

Since long, K-Pop celebrities have been asked the question of their ideal type of significant other - from fans to TV hosts. Let’s take a look at the stars who love short hairstyles on women!
5 KPop idols whose ideal type is a woman with short hair ft. SHINee Onew, & others! 5 KPop idols whose ideal type is a woman with short hair ft. Sungjin, Onew, & others!
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Everyone has heard of the phrase ‘Love is blind’. And in many cases it certainly is. Pretty random too. But for some people, love is a peculiar thing. Even though we might not admit it to others. All of us have a certain ideal type. Sure, we may fall for someone who is completely opposite to our type, but given our propensity for obsessive love, chances are high that we’ll snag someone within this particular range.

With this article, we are bringing to you a list of Korean superstars and their preferred ideal type. Now, yes these are some of the most popular celebrities to walk the planet, so their type would be unattainable to us common folk, right? Wrong! With so many of them being as humble as they come, their ideal types too are rather simplistic, and dare we say it, effortless. HALLELUJAH! So stop whatever you’re doing, and check out what these superstars have to say about their ideal types! (And maybe take notes too?)


Sungjin DAY6



The DAY6 member revealed on Arirang Radio that his ideal type would be someone just like his mom - short hair, tall and sexy. Sungjin is the main vocalist and leader of the popular group DAY6. He enlisted in the military on March 8, 2021 and is on a hiatus from the group’s activities. 


Hueningkai TXT



The maknae of the global rookie group TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Heuningkai is an adorable puppy whose eyes shine like the stars! When a fan asked him about his ideal type on Weverse, he replied saying that it would be someone who can be real with him, who can laugh together with him and someone who preferably has short hair! Well, for someone who would like to live with someone who loves pineapple on their pizzas, it surely does narrow down the search. 


Minhyun NU'EST



Minhyun’s confession of his ideal type is probably the most hilarious one on this list. During a fan meeting years ago, when someone asked him about his ideal type (we told you, it’s a pretty common thing that fans want to know!) He shared that his preference lies with older women with short hairstyles. However, a fan with long hair looked displeased by this and the singer then quickly added that as long as she has hair, she will be his type! It was definitely a good save!


Onew SHINee



For the leader of one of the most popular groups internationally, Onew has revealed his ideal type on a lot of occasions. Once, way back in 2013 was when he shared that he likes girls with short hair and a cute charm. He also said that she should be someone who doesn’t whine much, but smiles a lot. Another addition to this if she has good singing skills too! The ‘good singer’ part definitely seems like an addition by the talented singer considering their latest song ‘Don’t Call Me’ topped charts and won multiple trophies! They are even gearing up for another comeback with the repackaged album titled ‘Atlantis’. So mark your calendars!


Taeil NCT



Next up on our list is NCT’s main vocalist, Taeil. He revealed in an interview that his ideal type is someone who is cute and would have a short hairstyle - more like a bob cut. We can already imagine fans looking for bob hairstyles for their next meet and greet! 





The 23-year-old Japanese rapper, songwriter and music producer shared his ideal type of woman some time back. He said that among the physical traits, his preference would be girls with short hair. When it comes to personality, he expressed that his ideal type would be someone who has a positive mindset and a bright personality! We’re sure Yuto would have had absolute fun in their recent comeback album ‘LOVE or TAKE’ as it was a bright-colored, webtoon-inspired dreamy concept!


So those are the K-Pop celebrities who prefer girls with short hair! Having said that, it’s not to say that they will only like girls with those hairstyles. Everyone does have a type, but it’s necessary that they stick to it! 


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