5 male idol groups that were mistreated and deserved much better ft. B.A.P, X1 & more

B.A.P at the Korea Cable Awards in 2016 KPop group B.A.P at the Korea Cable TV Awards in 2016. (Pic Credits: News1)
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The K-Pop industry is as notoriously known for its management of artists as it’s known for its high-scale production and music value. It’s also true that the companies need to market their groups as strategically as possible, and treat them right. A powerful fandom isn’t made overnight after all. But it’s not only about the fandom - it’s also about the way they treat them. Idols give in their hearts and souls to the agencies, hoping that they’d help them achieve their dreams. But it goes for a toss when the agencies take advantage of them. 


Due to the innumerous K-Pop groups emerging one by one, there’s stiff competition for a new group or an average group to fight for that one second of limelight they might get to make an impression. And it gets difficult if they’re treated poorly such as not given even basic allowance, not provided easy transportation, giving songs to some other group and much more. This is not to say that the groups weren’t talented. It was because of the agency’s incompetency that the group couldn’t be what they dreamed to be. 


Today, we’re taking a look at some idol boy groups that could’ve been bigger names and listed in better lists, than this one. 




From being a K-Pop sensation to now a disbanded band with numerous past lawsuits, B.A.P was praised a lot for their music and talent when they debuted in 2012 under TS Entertainment. However, the agency ended up mistreating them and by paying them a meagre sum. Members filed numerous lawsuits against the company, and members started leaving the group. The leader Yongguk even said that the lawsuit cost them too much. He had to sell his things to pay off lawyers fees and went to work as a part-timer at a newspaper delivery place. 


Topp Dogg


Topp Dogg members’ lawsuits against their company Stardom Entertainment wasn’t something new to them as news about lawsuits due to mistreatment of artists kept on arising. At least four members are known to have complained about them - A chinese member from their sub-unit called Under Dogg, Cavan Chen who cited racism, members Kidoh and Gohn citing mistreatment and leader P-Goon who sued the company for stealing $250,000 of his money, allegedly. With several lineup changes and members’ departures, Topp Dogg is now called Xeno-T and their last activity was in 2018. 




Formed under the legendary K-Pop singer Rain’s record label J. Tune Entertainment, the members went through a tough ordeal. When the label closed down, their contract was sold off to GNI Entertainment in 2016. A group member, Jota revealed that they were grossly mistreated by the company as they had to pick up the staff and didn’t even pay for their dormitory rents. The group officially disbanded in 2017 after the CEO was arrested for a fraud case. 




Formed through the survival show Produce 101, sadly X1 members could just release one song and that was it for them. A huge controversy surrounding Mnet’s vote-rigging in all fours seasons of Produce 101 broke out and each member was allegedly forced to disband by their companies as the image of Mnet and Produce 101 had been impacted greatly. The PD and CD of the shows, along with other producers were sentenced to fine and/or years in jail by court too.




Debuted in 2010, ZE:A was a boy group that made catchy songs and had a good enough fan following under Star Empire Entertainment. However, repeatedly delayed comebacks had their memory in their fans’ minds fade away. As artists started their solo activities, their last album was released in 2015 and the group since then has been on an indefinite hiatus. ZE:A boasts of members such as Park Hyung Sik, Hwang Kwanghee, Kim Dong Jun, Im Si Wan and more. 


If only these groups were treated right and managed properly, we would’ve been stanning them too! 


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How many of these groups did you know about? Which group do you think is the most mistreated among the others today? Let us know in the comments below!