5 of PENTAGON’s title songs that deserve a ‘Hall of Fame’ of their own

Published on Oct 10, 2021 04:39 PM IST  |  52.6K
PENTAGON : courtesy of CUBE Entertainment

It’s PENTAGON’s fifth debut anniversary, as the nine boys (ten originally) continue to pound down one barrier after the other with their sheer music skills. Starting in a survival program ‘Pentagon Maker’ the humble contestants were desperate for their ticket to the top and have since come far. And while their song ‘Shine’ caught fire, finally bringing much needed eyeballs to the group, it was ‘Daisy’ in 2021 that got them their first music show win. A group that deserves recognition more than anyone, we are taking a look at some of our favourite title tracks from PENTAGON.



Monster rookies at its finest, PENTAGON made a cage-breaking debut with ‘Gorilla’ and shook the world with the 5 skills they were formed with, vocal or rap, dance, talent, mind, and teamwork, each shining very undoubtedly right from their inception.



Can You Feel It:

Within 2 months of their debut, PENTAGON made their first ever comeback with ‘Can You Feel It’. Highlighting their performance skills with this one, their dark and wild sides accompanied their angelic ones to a scuffle of a lifetime, overriding any preset notions about the group.




We believe, the witty, troublesome and boyish vibe that is home to PENTAGON began taking root with this comeback. Their will to abandon and challenge fire chaperoned their frisky nature with soft voices.




Naughty Boy:

Frogs took over our minds as ‘Naughty Boy’ dropped in 2018. PENTAGON’s ‘nu nu na na’ reappeared after its successful run in ‘Shine’. Terming their so-called “well wishers” as the croaking animal, the group added another fun track to their list.



Dr. BeBe:

The lead single absolutely apt for the group’s first full length album, ‘Dr. Bebe’ has found its way to our list with a much darker concept. Dealing with the shackles of painful love, PENTAGON marches with their acting skills taking the pole position this time.




Special mention:

Basquiat’, not one of their lead songs but it might as well be. PENTAGON’s guttural screech echoed for days as the track splattered the group’s desperate cries for success with this release.




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