5 reasons why you should watch Netflix's upcoming Korean sitcom So Not Worth It

The cast of Netflix's "So Not Worth It" revealed five reasons why you must watch the sitcom.
The official poster of So Not Worth It The official poster of So Not Worth It, courtesy of Netflix Korea
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So Not Worth It is a sweet and salty youth sitcom that captures the love and friendship of international dormitory students who live like there's no tomorrow. In a recently released video, the spirit of five youthful students, each dressed individually in denim, attracts attention. First, Park Se Wan, who plays her namesake, a strong Korean assistant who manages the international dormitory, revealed “various episodes in the international dormitory” as the first reason why you should look forward to the work. It adds to the curiosity of what the bustling landscape of the international dormitory will look like in the midst of endlessly busy work and part-time jobs.

Shin Hyun Seung, who plays the role of Jamie, the new face in the dormitory hailing from the United States, gave “a cute, fluttering romance” as the second reason. It is a thrilling point that will colour the hearts of viewers with the pink-tinged romance that would bloom among the young people.

Han Hyun Min, who also plays his namesake, secretly lives in an international dormitory because it is difficult to commute to school for a five hour round-trip. He unveiled the third reason to watch the series as being “characters with 200% of their presence and charm”. Armed with distinct personalities as well as diverse nationalities, they are expected to create laughter with unpredictable comic synergy and unimaginable chemistry.

Minnie, played by (G)I-DLE's Minnie, is a student of K-Contents department who has an infinite love for Korean dramas. She gave “the appearance of many cameos” as another reason to watch the series. It amplifies the curiosity about what kind of all-time stars will make a surprise appearance in all the right places.

GOT7's Choi Youngjae, who plays Australia-born Korean Sam, showed confidence by saying, “Finally, we will appear,” raising expectations for the fresh and new energy that the sitcom will show.

So Not Worth It, where you can see the bouncing spirit of the rising stars against the backdrop of an international dormitory where there are no quiet days, will be released only on Netflix on June 18.

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