5 Webtoons to binge read with your friends this Friendship Day feat ‘The Witch’s Throne’ and many more

Updated on Aug 31, 2021 12:53 PM IST  |  131.4K
Poster of Devil Sword King and The Witch’s Throne

Webtoons have become the new way of reading comics around the world and countries like South Korea, Japan, China etc have made it popular over the years. With the pandemic still going on, it is unsafe to move around freely, which would affect ‘Friendship Day’ celebrations but not to fear because one can still celebrate this beautiful day with their friend even if they are countries apart- by binge reading the addicting webtoons together! Now that you have chosen to celebrate friendship day in the most unique way possible, here are 5 webtoons to binge-read on Kross Komics, a first-of-its-kind webtoon app that brings exciting new webtoons for the youth. 

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

In a desperate attempt to help his poverty-stricken family, Hyun, a talented gamer burdened with debt, enters a virtual reality game. The story revolves around bravery and desperation of the protagonist who navigates through the game smartly in order to win a lifetime of happiness and bliss but all is not as it seems. Filled with twists and turns, this webtoon will keep you up all night in curiosity. 

Devil Sword King

Devil Sword King is the story of a boy who lives two lives – one where he is a young leader in a magical world and the other where he is an ordinary high-schooler in the real world. This action-filled martial art-inspired webtoon takes the reader through a rollercoaster of friendship, learning, and drama and is perfect for those looking for a touch of thrill.

My Lovely Two Two

A story about the blossoming friendship between an immature young man named Dongho and his pet dog ‘Two Two’ that he got on a whim to impress the ladies. But he soon realises the impact his little pet makes in his life and changes him for the better. Surely to make your heart melt, this webtoon is the perfect way to cheer you up on those low days. 

The Witch’s Throne

A tale of magic, power, and determination, The Witch’s Throne is the story of an evil witch who rises to power through young girls every ten years to cause chaos and destruction in the world. But Agni, a feisty young lass, sets out to form her own team to trace the witch’s origin and stop her once and for all. The Witch’s Throne is the perfect weekend binge-read for anyone who enjoys numerous plot twists and nail-biting stories.

Born in 85

It is a sweet and cozy tale of friendship and romance. Born in 85 talks about the successful webtoon artist Seo, who has had no luck in love and believes that she is past her prime now that she is 30. But just as life works in funny ways, her new manager turned out to be her first puppy love back in school! A romantic and slice of life story between two love struck souls, this is definitely a must-read.

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