6 fancams that prove EXO’s Nini Bear KAI was born to be an incredible performer

Published on May 17, 2021 11:08 PM IST  |  511.1K
EXO's Kai performing Mmmh at the Naver NOW's Party B Special
EXO's Kai performing at the Naver NOW's Party B Special in 2020. (Pic Credits: News1)

Most idols are usually just a part of one globally popular group. But some, a select few of them, are part of not one, but two popular K-Pop groups. One of them is the Mmmh singer, KAI. The 27-year-old idol debuted as a part of the Korean-Chinese boy group EXO in 2011 and stepped into the world of acting in 2016. Only in 2019 was he confirmed to be a part of the K-Pop ‘Avengers’ group, SuperM - which have the who’s who of the top male idols from SM Entertainment. 

Out of the many things KAI has done to make his mark known, one is when he became the first-ever male muse of the cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown. It’s difficult for anyone to resist his gorgeous charms and silky vocals. Kai is easily one of the K-Pop superstars of all time and is even called ‘Human Gucci’ - which the luxurious brand calls him too. When Kai released his debut EP titled ‘KAI’, Gucci sent him wishes with a coffee truck, and congratulated him as ‘Human Gucci’ on the banners. 

EXO’s Kai is also very well-known for his impeccable taste in fashion (he’s the Human Gucci, after all!) having broken many records, here we are, celebrating him in our own way! Make way for six Kai fancams that will make you believe that Kai was destined to perform on stage no matter what. 


The Eve - 170724 


Bright printed loose shirt, white pants, Kai’s sharp jawline, and body waves - this younger version of Kai was (is) a blessing. Just how easily his expressions change from soft smiles to smirks to intense lip biting and stares is something that we don’t think anyone can ever figure out. 



Tempo - November 2018


This is probably the most legendary Kai fancams of all time. The way his body grooves to the rhythms with a smile on his face shows how much he loves performing on stage. The reason this fancam is unforgettable is because of the very apparent skin show - at least three of his shirt’s buttons are open? We’re not complaining though!



Spoiler - 191230


Name any other idol who can perform this song better than Kai and his deep voice. We’ll wait. This video is the phrase ‘How it started v/s How’s it going’ in video format. Starting with a fully suited outfit, Kai removes his jacket, unbuttons his collar, removes the cap, and leaves us fans with gaping breath by the end of the video.



Love Shot - 181220


It would be awfully wrong of me to not include the iconic Love Shot fancam in this. With a high V-neck jacket that can easily be knocked off as a crop top when one raises their hand, Kai served fans nothing but godly visuals in this fancam. Centre Kai, his wink and smirk, abs on full display - this fancam tops my list of the most seductive fancams. 



Obsession - December 2019


Talk about the crop top and the crop top is here! Easily one of the most loved fits on Kai, the EXO THE STAGE is definitely the fancam that will go down in history (among the many others). With his incredible charms and talent on display, it’s difficult to not fall in love with him even after this. 



Mmmh - December 2020


Studio Choom x Kai is a blessing. There. We said it. Leather outfit Kai at his vocal and visual best in 4K quality? Sign us up! His super hit song Mmmh from his debut solo album KAI is seductive, groovy, and catchy - just like its hook choreography. With each comeback, we think Kai reached his hotness limit, but we’re proven long. And we’ll gladly keep on being wrong. 



In the 11 years Kai has been a part of the K-Pop industry, the Nini Bear has portrayed all the different sides of him on stage - from being goofy to being the amazingly seductive self. After watching these fancams again, it’s pretty evident why he is considered one of the top K-Pop superstars! 


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Which one of these fancams is your favourite? If your favourite fancam wasn’t on the list, then drop them below! We’ll check them out too.



Credits: News1

Anonymous : Duality= KAI The way he absorbs the concept and performs with absolute perfection he's indeed one of the best performers! He just not only dances but with the expressions his dance is on another level but his real self offstage is the soft nini bear Version! That's what sets him apart from others
REPLY 2 5 months ago