6 Interesting facts you probably didn't know about birthday girl CL

K-Pop Queen CL celebrates her birthday today. How well do Blackjacks know their beloved leader?
6 Interesting facts you probably didn't know about birthday girl CL
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K-Pop sensation CL celebrates her birthday today with the memories of her late mother. According to her Instagram post, the artist expressed that the song was written with her mother and her family in mind. She dedicates "Wish You Were Here" to them and "anyone else who misses a loved one".

Lee Chae Rin, better known by her stage name CL, is the former leader of the disbanded girl group 2NE1. The song dropped alongside a music video featuring home video footage and photographs of CL growing up.

Here are some interesting facts about CL that you might not know:

  1. On a radio interview, CL revealed that she used to wear a boys' school uniform to school since they didn't have pants for girls.
  2.  CL used to be a JYP Entertainment trainee and shared dorms with Wonder Girls' So Hee. She personally handed them her demo and became a YG Entertainment trainee, because of her idol, 1TYM leader Teddy Park.
  3. CL can speak Japanese, French, Korean and English, and used to be a translator between local and foreign dancers. She learned Hip Hop from them.
  4. During her childhood years, she frequently traveled with her family because of her father's profession as a Physics teacher. It was later revealed that her father, Prof Lee Ki Jin, was also a children's stories' author.
  5. Her nickname when she was in Japan was Pig-rabbit. This makes us wonder whether she was the inspiration for Hong sisters' pig-rabbit in You're Beautiful.
  6. The longest she ever slept was 20 hours which gave her the title of 'Sleepy Head' of 2NE1.

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Did you know all these facts about CL? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla and wish CL a very happy birthday in the comments section down below!