6 KPop encore stages that remain unforgettable ft. EXO, BTS, TWICE, MAMAMOO & more

Encore stages are probably the best part when a group wins. Not because of the music. But because of the idols’ antics! Check out some encore stages below!
Memorable encore stages feat. BTS' Jungkook drinking water from Show Champion's trophy BTS' RUN win at MBC Show Champion remains iconic.
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Since the start of music shows, we’ve had some incredible encore stages whenever a group takes their very-much deserved win! Sometimes K-Pop idols prepare for their encore stages beforehand and announce the weird tactics they would do if they win, and sometimes, they completely surprise their fans with some incredibly out-of-the-box moves! Music shows as such are a major win for both the fans and their precious idols, so idols always make sure that their win is something that is memorable for their fans. 


How do they do that? By using props and silly challenges that are sure to entertain their fans, as a means of making the win into an unforgettable celebration! And many groups have been successful in doing so too! Here are six of the legendary K-Pop encore stages that will make you go - ‘Well, we never expected this!’


1. Jungkook’s ‘Trophy can be used as a cup too’


BTS were as entertaining back in 2015 as they are now! When they won No. 1 on Show Champion with their song RUN, then under one minute, we saw Jimin and J-Hope emptying two water bottles in the trophy cup! Probably the only next best thing was that Jungkook drank the water in the trophy till the last drop, without stopping even for a second! 




2. TWICE celebrating their songs with other idols!


Before the announcement of the final winner, there are always several groups standing together. Once the winner is announced, everyone bows, takes their leaves and winners stay on the stage to celebrate. But with TWICE, they celebrated their wins with other idols, twice! First, when they won No. 1 for their song SIGNAL - they asked the DAY6 members Wonpil and Young K who were MCs that day to celebrate with them! Second, when their ‘What is Love?’ won first place and they got Stray Kids to stay back and dance with them! 




3. When HIGHLIGHT members pretended to be statues 


Usually when a group wins, they can’t help but dance around and do the utmost bizarre things to show their excitement. With HIGHLIGHT, it was the other way around! They all pretended to be stuck (or statues) while singing. Members took turns to unfreeze and take the trophy from the other members’ hands during their parts. It must have been difficult for them to not express their excitement because they soon started dancing around together!




4. A caterpillar on INFINITE’s stage? 


One of the many funniest encore stages was when INFINITE won No. 1 for their song Tell Me. But for some reason, the members decided to dress up L as a caterpillar! He looked so cute when the other members helped him dress up, only to fall on stage. We felt the struggle when L was trying to get in the costume and even get out of it! 




5. EXO members' relay confusion that lasted till the very end


When EXO’s Tempo won, they thought of doing something a bit different. So they went for a relay encore performance - only to realise that it’s pretty confusing to do so without any prior rehearsal! Almost every member was stuck for a few seconds when it was their turn, trying to remember the choreography! You can’t help but smile non-stop while watching this performance! 



6. BTS’ maknae line giving piggyback rides to their hyungs


Before BTS won first place on M Countdown for their song Boy With Luv, J-Hope suggested that the younger members give the older members a piggyback ride if they win. And that’s exactly what happened! Jimin carried Suga, V carried Jin and Jungkook carried J-Hope. There was also a cute confusion as Jungkook wondered who to pick up, as J-Hope and RM both are his hyungs. RM then gestured to him to carry J-Hope, which made fans love RM more! 



Other much deserved mentions are TWICE performing Dance The Night Away with ice cubes in their mouth, MAMAMOO eating ramyun on the stage, only to find out it’s extremely hot, BTS wearing acupressure slippers while performing and more! 


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These were the encore stages we think remain iconic. What about you? Tell us in the comments below!

Credits :MBC