6 KPop idols sporting their love for tattoos feat. Moonbyul, Chanyeol, Jungkook & more

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Chanyeol's tattoo 'L-1485', the day EXO-Ls were named.

Our loved K-Pop idols keep expressing themselves through their songs, their interviews and even with particular dance sequences. But some expressions are more personal, and need a constant reminder at times. And what better way to do this than tattoos? Many of our idols (sometimes) sport their tattoos like a badge of honour, exemplifying the obstacles they’ve broken past, and even their mantras. 


Tattoos have a sense of expression and permanency that seldom does anything else. They say many things in just one artistic stroke and it is no wonder many people’s go-to expression. In Korea, tattoos are still considered a sensitive topic and a bit like taboo - which is why not many idols/agencies show them in public. However, there are some exceptions and it is becoming much more common, even in the K-Pop world.  


Let’s take a look at them below! 


MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul


Key rapper for MAMAMOO, her tattoos have definitely endeared her to us. She has multiple tattoos, representing her family members, dates for when she was born, when the group debuted, and when she began working on her dreams. Definitely the most important things in her life, it is a joy to see that Moonbyul definitely has her heart set on the right things.





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Block B’s Taeil


Taeil has been sporting several tattoos for a while now, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon. He has tattoos of a flower and grenade, the number 777, an eye, a wasp and anchor. The boldest tattoo Taeil has is of a cheetah’s growling face, beneath his left elbow. A very clear representation of the many character traits that he possesses. 





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On his waist, B.I. has a particular line tattooed - ‘Like father, like son. Like master, like man’. Apart from that, he also has the word ‘Nihilism’ inscribed across the left of his chest, along with a colourful paper airplane and balloons just at the back of his left shoulder. A wonderful contrast of themes between life, freedom and death, the tattoos are definitely an intriguing site. 


Jay Park

One of the most tatted up artists in the industry, Jay Park is a definite tattoo enthusiast. With the left side of his body completely covered in an amalgamation of tattoos, they make up a wonderful site. A tattoo to represent AOM, his first B-boy group he was in, the head of a lion, his first album as a solo artist, and even a compass on his neck, these are just some of the meticulous artwork showcased on his body.




BTS’ Jungkook 


Jungkook recently got a full sleeve of tattoos done up, till his fingers. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many events when it was fully showcased to the public eye. He has a tattoo that shows a tiger flower and the words ‘Please Love Me’ written behind it. He also has their debut date 0613 written with the letters ARMY, smileys, a crown and a J on his fingers. While fans can see glimpses of it on live shows and their variety shows, when going to official awards or variety shows, Jungkook has to cover them up with long sleeved tops and nude tapes.



EXO’s Chanyeol 


Idols’ love for their fandom can never be described in words. It’s because of the fans that they reach their ultimate status. EXO’s Chanyeol has the date L-1485 tattooed on his wrist as a tribute for the fandom. He even talked about the meaning behind the tattoo saying, ‘All of you will always be a part of my body till I die.’





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These were some of the artists who sport their tattoos with pride!


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Which one of these is your favourite? You can tell us other tattooed idols who’s your favourite too! Let us know in the comments below!


Anonymous : Chanyeol is an angle and has a warm heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ❤❤❤❤❤
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Anonymous : My Precious Chanyeol once said... Chanyeol: ''You all will be forever in my body till I die''
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Anonymous : Chanyeol our precious baby
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