6 male KPop idols who are the literal definition of tall, blonde and gorgeous feat. Yeonjun, JHope, San & more

Check out if your favourite idol made it to our list or not!
TXT's  Yeonjun at the 'Can't You See Me' performance TXT's oldest member Yeonjun sporting blonde hair at the 'Can't You See Me' performance stage.
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K-Pop stars sport any color they want (or can get their hands on) unabashedly. In a country like South Korea where they’ve been seeing predecessors do it for years, it becomes more common and ‘acceptable’ to do so too, without any judgements. Rainbow, purple, green, cyan, red, pink, orange, blue - name any color and there are high chances of finding a K-Pop idol somewhere who would have definitely coloured their hair in that particular colour at one point of time.


Seeing charming idols sport vibrant hair colours as easily as a coat, can make anyone’s inferiority complex come back. But there’s one colour that reigns supreme. And that’s blonde. The moment an idol changes their hair colour to blonde, you’re bound to know the fandom’s going to have a hard time breathing. McDonald’s ad for their french fries stating it to be ‘Tall, Blonde and Gorgeous’, even though controversial, can be applied to these extremely gorgeous idols too. Let’s take a look at them below!


BTS’ J-Hope 


We’re starting off with the blonde charmer that had the fandom on their knees since the news of a blonde Jung Hoseok. With the latest Butter group concept photo, it’s evident that the power J-Hope’s blonde hair holds is immensely supreme. 



TXT’s Yeonjun 


The oldest in the world-famous K-Pop group TXT, Yeonjun although looks charming in any colour, looked hundred times more stunning in their Can’t You See Me comeback stage. Smokey eyes, colored lenses, fake lip piercing and blonde hair - definite recipe for chaos. 



Stray Kids’ Felix


Stray Kids’ Felix might look intimidating at first, but if you watch any behind-the-scenes, you’d be surprised to see the beautiful smile he has and how giggly he is! The blonde hair is just the cherry on top as it makes him look adorable during his goofy activities and look all powerful while performing on stage. 



ATEEZ’s San 


ATEEZ’s Choi San has sported various looks - two toned, black, dark brown - but when it comes to him sporting blonde, he’s the one who’s difficult to beat! He’s tall and not just handsome, but gorgeous! 



EXO’s Baekhyun 


Ash, silver, blue brown - we do love all colors on EXO’s Baekhyun. But when the hairstylist goes all-blonde on him, his face becomes the epitome of handsomeness!



GOT7’s BamBam 


The list would be woefully wrong if we didn’t include BamBam in this. With the incredible looks and charms that the rapper has, he fits right in with our ‘Tall, Blonde and Handsome’ theme!



Did your favourite idol make it to the list? If not then tell us who the tall, blonde and handsome idols are that you love! 


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Drop in your recommendations in the comments below and do tell the idol you love in this list!