6 Run BTS episodes that’ll make you laugh and cry like crazy!

Arguably, the best variety show on the planet by the biggest boy band on the planet, Run BTS is a treasure trove of fun and laughter. But we’re doing our best to cherry-pick six for you.

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A still from Run BTS Ep 113 - The Limbo Game
6 Run BTS episodes that’ll make you laugh and cry like crazy!

The battles. The bickering. The screams. The betrayal. The prizes. The laughter. And the tears. Every Tuesday, ARMYs go on a ride of all these emotions - and probably more - during a 35-40 mins broadcast of watching seven 20-something men (who are global superstars) play silly challenges with an incredibly talented and intelligent staff.

Run BTS!, BTS’ exclusive, very own variety show is perfect. No wonder they do not need to go to any other show to have fun! From watching them energetically dancing to Idol and performing 5 back-to-back songs with elaborate choreography and looks-that-could-kill, in Run BTS return to an average adult life where a $5 coupon has more importance than their friends, just like you and I. 

So, even though it’s difficult. We’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a list of top 6 Run BTS episodes that will always (ALWAYS) make you laugh. 

1. Ep 24 - Zombie Invasion

Probably the best episode/idea by the staff ever - the concept of Ep 24. The staff behaved as if they’re taking BTS on a night safari, only ending up fake kidnapping them and letting loose some (incredibly talented actors as) zombies. Everyone knows that Jin and Jhope are the group’s scaredy cats. But that episode showed us every member being one! Except, of course, the golden maknae, Jungkook. Everyone was so scared that they even messed up the entire mission! 

2. Ep 65 - The origin of Mint Choco Ice Cream debate and Water sprays

ARMYs, remember the first time we saw Namjoon hating Mint Choco ice cream? This is where it all started! Every second of the episode is filled with laughter and it’s a different feeling seeing the members getting punished with a water spray! Divided in two teams, with MC SUGA, each member has two forbidden words - which is selected by the members themselves - and every time they say the word, they’ll get sprayed with a water gun! Feeling down or low, this episode will be your saviour!

3. Ep 84 - Water Park!

Cute headgear that makes every member’s cheeks squishy, members getting wet/thrown into the water, silly challenges, teaming up against Jungkook - what’s not to love? The most fun episode ever - it showcases each member’s skills in detail. Watching one scene makes you realise this is the most physically daunting thing Yoongi has ever done. You also know that no matter what challenge it is, on ground or in water, Jungkook will always be an ace. Watch BTS stumble, fall, betray, compete and a lot more in this episode! 


4. Ep 113 - The popular Limbo game

All challenges aside and the limbo game aside. This was the legendary episode that, with the smart editing of Run BTS editors, gave us the iconic Yoongi on top of Taehyung Giraffe edit! What’s more to look out for is how Yoongi always gives in and lets Taehyung do as he pleases, and those scenes are so cute, they would make anyone melt! One would wonder that the golden maknae would probably have been able to do this! BUT, you’re in for a surprise! Watch them strategise, try, fail and editors censor their funny faces in this hilarious episode. 

5. EP 126 to 127 - 777 Lucky Seven Games

BTS was asked by the staff once about the type of games or content they’d like to do. This episode is their baby. Only if they knew before what they were getting into! The members have to pass 14 individual games to go home. Twist - Every single game is incredibly tough and solely depends on how lucky a member gets. Cup stacking, throwing a bouncy ball in a basket looking the opposite way, throwing two dice and getting a total sum of seven and more - it’s one amazing ride where every second minute a member asks - 'Is this even possible?’. And you know it is because another member had already done it!

6. Ep 131 & 132 - The JiKook Titanic and Taehyun MJ moment 

The latest episode in the series, the Run BTS staff members have to be credited for this idea! They took the water spray concept up a notch and before where it was only a small gun, now each member had a good amount of water splashed on them! Especially the moderator. Titled the 77-minute debate, each member takes turns to be a moderator, others are divided into two groups and given the most basic (but definitely the ones to fight over) topic such as Jjajjangmyeong with or without eggs, Brushing first or washing face first. At every round, there’s a forbidden action and a forbidden word chosen by the moderator. It’s the most painful for the moderator as they get splashed with a whole bucket of water from the top! This is definitely an episode that you shouldn’t miss.


Even though the members give us much laughter and fun, equal credits should be given to the staff members! They’re the ones with the fun, entertaining ideas which makes us look forward to every Tuesday! Standing at a strong 132 episodes, we just wish it never ends. 

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Did your favourite episode make it to our list? If not, then share your favourites with us below! 

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