6 Times dialogues from KDramas hit us with the right amount of feels feat. Sky Castle, Start Up & more

There are many times when we watch a show and a dialogue gets etched in our brains because of how much it hits home. Take a look at six dialogues which filled us with emotions.

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6 Times dialogues from KDramas hit us with the right amount of feels feat. Sky Castle, Start Up & more
6 Times dialogues from KDramas hit us with the right amount of feels feat. Sky Castle, Start Up & more

For many of us, KDramas are the new (and old) obsession. They have everything from visuals to storylines. A lot of the genres may blend together here and there, but every show has at least one thing that makes it stand out from others. One of the key things being dialogues. Korean writers have been honing their craft for such a long while, that they know where the interest lies, and successfully play with it.

So how about we take a trip down the memory lane and remember some of the memorable lines from some of the best shows that we have seen? Writers intersperse regular dialogues with something deep and meaningful, usually when the viewers are least expecting it. So go through these, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a line that will serve as a rock to you during the stormy times. Words have the power to touch the heart, in more ways than we can imagine. 

“I’d thought life would work out if I just did well in school.”- Woo Joo, Sky Castle

Sky Castle is a show that is going to remain pertinent for a good while to come. It’s based on the premise of the toxic education system and the pressure on teenagers to excel in academics, this dialogue talking about gaining societal respect rather than a better life, is very hard hitting. This line is uttered by the key character Woo Joo, after plans don’t seem to work out even after she sacrificed her mental health to work hard.

“Don’t cry too much. Don’t beat yourself up for too long but never forget what happened.”- Jung Jae Chan, While You Were Sleeping

This show was as much a legal and fantasy blend, as it was about the lengths people go to, to save their lives. This line comes towards the latter part of the show, when things have just gone to hell in basket. This line tries to help the character make at least some effort to try and move on, no matter how difficult things may be.

“Happiness. The warmth I share with you. I’m already happier than I ever imagined I could be.” – Park Sae Ro Yi, Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is perhaps the most defining show of 2020. The clear struggle, the determination to succeed against insurmountable odds, the friendships that help you grow, and the future that is as bright as we make it. Despite the immense struggle inside his heart, Sae Ro Yi’s dialogue shows us that love exists, and prevails in face of any problems that may appear.

“Life is a mixture of all sorts of genres. What genre was your day today? Rom-com? A strange but beautiful fantasy? A sad melodrama?” – Ji Eun Tak, Goblin

Goblin is perhaps the most memorable drama to ever grace the Korean entertainment industry. One of the pioneering shows to catapult KDramas to the international audience, it has everything in it. When the lead Eun Tak speaks these lines, she tries to project positive feelings and companionship to her loved one. This tries to help us realise that our lives are not going to be happy or sad forever. We just need to think of it as such, and try to heal ourselves and others.

“If you can’t do what you like because you’re worried about this and that, would your life be happy? Won’t you regret it later?” And “What’s wrong with falling and stumbling? You can start over, right?”- Han Yoon Ah, Welcome To Waikiki

This is one of the most precious shows to ever be created. ‘Welcome To Waikiki’ is about happiness, love, friendship, laughter and growth. A light-hearted show, it still brings in some potent lines that will help in living your life better. And for those living under a rock, Season 2 was released in 2019. We highly recommend that you give this series a watch.

“I want to be on the 32nd floor. The elevator we take won't take me there. I should get on one that will. That's why I'm quitting.”- Seo Dal Mi, Start Up

Even though ‘Start Up’ received all the hype, it was still an average show. But it had its moments when characters gave us pretty memorable words of wisdom. The ambition to succeed, the determination, the willingness to help others - the layers of good-willingness was always there. This line talks about ambition and most importantly, knowing when to stop and pursue your higher dreams. And who can forget the iconic monologue ending with - “From time to time, it'd be wonderful to sail off without a map,” signalling that it’s okay to feel lost, to now know where you’re going at times.

From squad goals to ambitions to words of wisdom, KDramas truly do give us the best of all, don’t they? 

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What are some of your favourite dialogues that are etched in your minds? Share them with us in the comments below!

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