7 valuable lessons taught by BTS to look back on this Teachers' Day

Updated on Sep 05, 2021 09:04 PM IST  |  200.8K
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BTS concept photo : courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

Gems of the music world and life alike, the BTS members leave us with new life lessons each time. Today, we are taking a look back on some of the unmissable ones that the seven have taught us over the years.



How to lead is an art form mastered by Mr. Kim Namjoon aka RM of BTS as he forefronts the world-famous boy group with the genius that is very evident in his TOEIC score. But as he goes, RM also knows how to let go and wind down by ‘Namjooning’. We learn that rest is just as important as writing record-breaking music.



The eldest of the group is the most humble of them all. While throwing his sass around like confetti, quite literally, Jin has made us all an admirer of his kind personality and handsome face. Bowing 90 degrees to everyone and emphasizing the importance of politeness with every move, Jin has taught us how to win hearts with his modest behaviour.



One who may come off as hardcore is instead a soft-hearted person, often compared with a cat by his fans, SUGA knows how hard work does the deed as he makes a point of reassuring his fans that they do not have to figure out the meaning of life right away and that not having a dream is okay. 



The sunshine of his members and his fans, J-Hope highlights the essence of life, happiness. Making a smiley face his mascot and a heart his signature, the dance leader sashays his way into everyone’s bias list with a hop and a wave. 



A symbol of kindness, Jimin makes sure to reaffirm to his fans that he is there for them no matter how far they are. With a flirty wink and a heart gesture as his love language, Jimin glues the group with his comforting hugs and words, being the ever-present listener.



His striking looks have everyone hooked as his deep voice finds its way to the fans’ favourite playlists, V has made his way through life being himself unapologetically and that’s one thing fans have always admired about him. Expanding his knowledge horizon and being the social butterfly, V has found himself with an unending list of friends.



The youngest has been the source of energy for his fellow members and fans every time as his will to try and surprisingly excel at everything in life has proven to be a beacon of delight for many. Trying and learning are two things the young man lives by and advises everyone to do the same.


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What are some other lessons the BTS members have taught you? Let us know below.