8 K dramas in 2021 that gave us second lead syndrome feat 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' & 'The King's Affection'

We handpick 8 K-dramas that give us major second lead syndrome. Read on to find out.

Updated on Dec 20, 2021 11:30 PM IST  |  2.3M
EXO's Sehun poses at an event
EXO's Sehun poses at an event (Pic credit - News1)
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It isn't a K-drama till you haven't experienced a second lead syndrome! A second lead syndrome is when the audience feels more love and sympathy for the parallel lead or the second lead as opposed to the main lead! A second lead could be someone directly interested in the female protagonist or has his own parallel story running alongside the main plot! We take a look at 8 actors who charmed the socks off us and gave us major second lead syndrome.

1. Now, We Are Breaking Up

We are proud to admit that our biggest takeaway from SBS' romance melodrama 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' is EXO's Sehun! Sehun plays Hwang Chi Hyung, the son of the CEO and Hwang Chi Sook's younger brother. He is charming, playful, adorable and someone who brings the much-needed spark to this series!

2. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Lee Sang Yi's Ji Sung Hyun was the perfect second lead is the friend and confidante everyone must have in their lives! A variety show PD, traveller and foodie, Ji Sung Hyun is calm, mature and kind-hearted and always puts Yoon Hye Jin's interests above him. He can also be a great confidante to Hong Doo Sik in times of need, giving us a fresh and sensitive take on a second male lead.

3. The King's Affection

One of the best sageuk dramas of the year, 'The King's Affection' was full of romance, drama with hints of comedy as well. The story is set during the Joseon Dynasty, at a time when twins were considered an ominous sign. As a result, when the Crown Princess Consort gives birth to twins, an order is sent to kill the daughter. To save her, she is secretly sent out of the palace. However, the daughter Dami survives and returns to the palace to replace the twin son Lee Hwi who dies in a case of mistaken identity. The story's supporting cast gave us major second male lead goals!

4. My Roommate is a Gumiho

We loved Jang Ki Yong and Girl's Day member Hyeri's scorching on-screen chemistry but it can't be denied that Kim Do Hwan and Kang Han Na shared lovable on-screen chemistry as well! Kang Han Na played Yang Hye Sun, an ex-gumiho who is slow-witted but expert in romance and was paired opposite Kim Do Hwan's Do Jae Jin, who has been unlucky in love before meeting Yang Hye Sun.

5. Nevertheless

We love Song Kang, but we have to admit we might be secretly siding with Chae Jong Hyeop's sweet and 'friend zoned' Yang Do Hyeok, who has been secretly in love with Yoo Na Bi since childhood. He is kind, considerate and non-toxic!

6. Vincenzo

'Vincenzo' was a dream cast, with each character cast to perfection in the drama! The drama starred Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Been, Ok Taecyeon, Kwak Dong Yeon in prominent roles and frankly, we are juggling between cheering for Song Joong Ki's Vincenzo, drooling over Ok Taecyeon's Jang Han Seok and feeling pitiful towards Kwak Dong Yeon's Jang Han Seo!

7. Doom At Your Service

We can safely agree that Lee Soo Hyuk's Cha Joo Ik, Kang Tae Oh's Lee Hyun Kyu and Shin Do Hyun's Na Ji Na's love triangle carried the entire series and gave us a major second lead syndrome! Between Lee Soo Hyuk and Kang Tae Oh, we weren't sure whom to root for, so we did what we know the best: just cherish watching our favourite K-drama men on screen without taking sides!  

8. Love Alarm 2

This drama series almost caused an internet war amongst fans! The second season of the romance series starring Song Kang as Hwang Sun Oh, Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo Jo and Jung Ga Ram as Lee Hye Yeong ended on a disappointing note for most fans as Jo Jo eventually walked into the sunset with Hye Yeong, instead of Hwang Sun Ho, leaving fans heartbroken!

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The best second lead was from The Inheritors if you ask me.