9 Amazing Kdramas coming in June that you need to look out for

Published on Jun 04, 2021 03:03 PM IST  |  383.5K
The official poster of The Penthouse: War In Life
The official poster of The Penthouse: War In Life, courtesy of SBS

June 2021 is special since not only will new dramas be released, but you will also have the possibility of knowing the finalities of important Korean dramas such as "The Penthouse 3: War In Life" and the second season of "Hospital Playlist". However, if you are not one of the people who get hooked on dramas that have more than one installment, there will also be excellent productions for you such as: "The Witch's Diner", "At a Distance, Spring is Green", "Nevertheless" and many more.

So take out your phone and open your notes app to jot down all the Korean dramas that will be released in June 2021. Get to know the characters, the plots and the genres that will make your month slightly livelier than you expected.

The Penthouse 3: War In Life

Release date: June 4

The third season of the drama that became a sensation in South Korea and around the world will arrive in June. Although the exact plot that will secure this new season is not yet known, Oh Yoon Hee and Cheon Seo Jin promise to excite the public.

Next Door Witch J

Release date: June 4

Seo Je Yi is a girl who creates content with the name of Next Door Witch J. The life of the successful influencer will change when she meets Lee Woo Bin, who is the director of a beauty products company. The love triangle will appear when Lee Tae Kyung, the director of the agency that specializes in managing beauty content creators, reveals his feelings for Seo Je Yi.

At a Distance, Spring is Green

Release date: June 14

The long-awaited drama At A Distance, Spring Is Green and is about Yeo Joon, a bright college freshman who despite his good financial status his parents are cold and distant with him. While Kim So Bin is a third grade college student whose family life changed after her parents' divorce. Our protagonists will join other boys where they will find sincere love and warmth.

Monthly Magazine Home

Release date: June 16

Na Young Won is an editor for Monthly House magazine. Although she has worked all her life to have her own house, she still cannot achieve that dream. The protagonist's routine changes when Yoo Ja Sung introduces himself as the owner of the house she rents. He is the CEO of the same magazine where Na Young Won works.

Hospital Playlist 2

Release date: June 17

The second season of Hospital Playlist will continue to show you the hidden world behind the corridors of Yulje Hospital.

Voice 4: Judgment Hour

Release date: June 18

The drama Voice 4: Judgment Hour tells the work of a group of employees who do their best to fight crime from a call centre. The cases they attend to daily help to maintain balance in the city. They will also reflect the love for their nation by caring for it eagerly.


Release date: June 19

Nevertheless is the adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name. Park Jae Uhn is a university student dedicated to the arts. Although he is a handsome boy, he is not interested in maintaining a formal relationship with anyone, that is until he meets Yoo Na Bi, a girl who does not believe in love because she was hurt in the past. However,  she is not against meeting new people.

No One But a Madman

Release date: June 23

Choi Ban Seok is an engineer who works in the electronics division of Hanmyung Electronics company. To avoid his dismissal, he is removed to a new position where he will meet younger people.

The Witch's Diner

Release date: June

This fantasy drama will explore the life of a witch who makes a living selling food from a restaurant. Her dishes however, hold a dark secret. Everyone who eats her delicacies will have the chance to make their dreams come true; at the expense of their own souls.

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