Aarya Review: Sushmita Sen makes a powerful comeback in a slow but intriguing crime drama

Sushmita Sen, who plays the lead in Aarya, is all set to impress the audience with her stupendous performance in the crime series.
Aarya Review: Sushmita Sen makes a powerful comeback in a slow but intriguing crime dramaAarya Review: Sushmita Sen makes a powerful comeback in a slow but intriguing crime drama

Aarya Cast: Sushmita Sen, Chandrachur Singh, Ankur Bhatia, Vikas Kumar, Namit Das, Manish Chaudhary, Sikander Kher, Flora Saini, Alexx O’Neil, Sohaila Kapur, Sugandha Garg.

Arya Directors: Ram Madhvani, Vinod Rawat, Sandeep Modi

With the COVID 19 outbreak in India affecting our normal lifestyle and leaving us cooped in our house, there has been a significant boom in the viewership of OTT platforms. Needless to say, OTT has been thriving with several new web series, and here comes a new entry with Sushmita Sen starrer Aarya. Helmed by Ram Madhvani, Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat, the crime drama revolves around a high profile drug syndicate in Rajasthan which has an essence of drama, emotions, crime and thrill. While just like any other crime drama, it is a quintessential cat and mouse story but it has much more to it.

Aarya begins with Sushmita Sen who seems to be coming out of her Instagram account flaunting her acrobatic skills with the help of her gymnastic rings. She plays the titular character of Aarya Sareen and right in the first frame she drops hints that the boss lady is here to rule. Aarya has everything one would ever dream of – a loving husband, three beautiful kids and a happy life with her loved ones. But behind the happiest smiles are some hidden secrets which when unfolded turn everything upside down and that’s what happens here. Aarya belongs to a family involved in a dodgy business of growing and supplying opium in the name of their pharmaceutical company. While the lady has been running away from the family business, her husband Tej (played by Chandrachur Singh) has been handling it well with his partners Jawahar (played by Namit Das) and his brother-in-law Sangram Rathore (played by Ankur Bhatia).

But things take a nasty turn after Sangram ends up messing with drug lord mafia of the region of Shekhawat (played by Manish Chaudhary) and steals his consignment of heroin worth Rs 300 crore to expand their business. Then begins a dirty game of crime and suspense. Tej, who is willing to leave the business and move out with his family, is killed mercilessly and Aarya ends up hurling into the already messed up business she was always running away from. All of a sudden, she has too much to handle – her three kids and their questions and fear, a drug lord running after her life, her friends turning into foes and of course a police officer who is making efforts to bust this international drug racket. Whom should she trust? Is there an end to this vicious crime circle? Will Aarya manage to protect her family?

Well, all these questions continue to bug you soon after Aarya is catapulted in the hot seat of her family business and this does keep you intrigued till the end. As the story unfolds, it proves that sometimes it isn’t a choice between what is right and what is wrong. Instead, sometimes it is about what is lesser of the two wrongs.

The directors have done a good job in bringing an edgy story which has been an adaptation of Dutch series Penoza. It has a perfect suspense element which keeps you guessing about the perpetrator till the end. Just when you think that Aarya has got her path straight, a new twist comes up giving a new dimension to the story. Although this nine episode crime drama does appear to be a bit slow in its pace in the initial episodes and will make you struggle with yourself for not losing the interest, as the story progresses, it does come as a surprise for the viewers.

What to watch for? Sushmita Sen making a roaring comeback in the entertainment industry after a decade is certainly a treat for the audience. While her royal panache and glamourous avatar will make you go weak on your knees, she is also a fierce lioness who would go to any extent to protect her family even if means holding a gun against her close ones. The crime drama never takes it eyes off Sushmita and she does make sure not to disappoint the viewers even for a moment.

Besides, the best thing about Aarya is that while it comes with an interesting ensemble of cast, each one of them has something substantial to do. Be it Chandrachur, who is also making a comeback and does leave an impact with his performance, Ankur, as the rigid, rebellious and snappy brother to Sushmita, his cocaine-sniffing business partner Namit who makes you judge him every now and then and many others. Also, Vikas Kumar, who plays the role of ACP Khan, did a commendable job as the investigating officer and a dodgy cop who knows how to get things done.

While Aarya has been an interesting watch, it has also left the audience anticipating for a season 2.

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Sushmita, you are awesome! Lots of power to you.

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