Actor Yoo Jun Sang of The Uncanny Counter fame CONFIRMED to make a cameo in The Penthouse S2

Actor Yoo Jun Sang is the latest actor who is confirmed to make a short yet intense cameo in The Penthouse. Read on to find out.
Actor Yoo Jun Sang of The Uncanny Counter fame CONFIRMED to make a cameo in The Penthouse S2
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The Penthouse season 2 is showing no signs of stopping! The dramatic makjang (long format) drama is reigning supreme in its second season, raking in the highest ratings across all cable TV networks. That's not all, it is also ranked the most buzz-worthy Korean drama in recent times with its suspenseful storyline and edge-of-the-seat twists and turns. In recent times, many seasoned actors have made cameos in The Penthouse S2. Actor Ahn Yun Hong, Lee Si Eon, Eugene's (Oh Yoon Hee) real-life band-mate S.E.S' Bada, and Kim So Yeon's (Cheon Seo Jin) real-life husband, Lee Sang Woo have either made appearances or scheduled to make appearances later in the show.

Now it is confirmed that Actor Yoo Jun Sang of The Uncanny Counter fame is all set to make a cameo in The Penthouse S2. According to a report carried out by Osen, Yoo Jun Sang is scheduled to make an appearance on the show. Not much is known about his special appearance, but it is touted to be an intense short appearance with an extraordinary twist. It isn't surprising considering, The Penthouse S2 has a penchant for giving audiences shockers and Yoo Jung Sang's cameo will be highly awaited by the viewers. 

Meanwhile, The Penthouse Season 2 has been receiving a tremendous response by steadily climbing the rating chart. At the moment, the highest viewership rating is 27%, and it is expected to easily cross the wall of 30% as the season progresses further ahead.

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

he is the twins real biologocal father !! see the picture closely shim su ryeon seeing at the chest.