Aespa’s debut MV Black Mamba crosses 21 million views in 24 hours; Leaves behind ITZY & TXT’s previous records

Aespa’s debut music video Black Mamba recently crossed over 21 million views just 24 hours after it’s release.
Aespa’s debut MV Black Mamba crosses 21 million viewsAespa’s debut MV Black Mamba crosses 21 million views in 24 hours; Leaves behind ITZY & TXT’s previous records
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Aespa’s debut music video is receiving lots of love SM Entertainment’s newest girl group released the music video for their debut single Black Mamba on November 17, and just 24 hours later on November 18, the music video accumulated 21,425,062 views on YouTube.


Although the official 24-hour view count has not been confirmed by YouTube yet, this appears to be a new record for a K-pop group’s debut music video. According to YouTube, the previous record was held by ITZY’s DALLA DALLA. (TXT’s Crown had a higher real-time view count, but YouTube later announced the official numbers as 17.1 million for DALLA DALLA and 15.1 million for Crown.)


If you haven’t already, watch the full video below: 


If you missed it, at the 2020 World Cultural Industry Forum in October, Lee Soo Man briefly introduced the concept behind Aespa. He explained that there are artist members of Aespa who exist in the real world as well as avatar members who exist in the virtual world. The two types of members interact through the digital world, which brings them together as shown in the Black Mamba trailer video. Lee Soo Man explains that the avatars had existed all along in a world of their own, and one day, they met the real-world members of Aespa.


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Anonymous 1 week ago

You can't compare with ITZY & TXT, they are legend, n not mean that after this they still can break the record, it juz a debut.

Anonymous 1 week ago

there is no such thing as "big 4" its big 3 + bighit

Anonymous 1 week ago

nahh you can compare cuz they both from the big 4