aespa's 'Savage' achieved THIS remarkable feat since their debut; Find out

Updated on Oct 17, 2021 12:56 AM IST  |  179.2K
aespa pose for the concept photo of 'Savage'
aespa pose for the concept photo of 'Savage' (Pic credit - SM Entertainment)

MY, we have some celebratory news for you! Instiz’s iChart announced that aespa’s new title track 'Savage' had achieved a perfect all-kill. Not only is 'Savage' aespa’s very first song to achieve a perfect all-kill, but it is also the first girl group song released in 2021 to pull off the feat.

aespa dropped their first EP 'Savage' accompanied by the fantastical and futuristic music video for the title track 'Savage'. aespa has completely swept the Korean charts with their latest hit! The girls expand further into their metaverse with "KWANGYA" (wilderness) through their first EP, unravelling the next stage of their fight against Black Mamba in 'Savage,'  and introducing each of their unique combat skills and styles. For those unversed, a song receives a certified all-kill when it is No. 1 on the daily and 24Hits charts of Melon, the daily and real-time charts of Genie and Bugs, VIBE’s daily chart, and the real-time charts of FLO and iChart. A perfect all-kill is awarded to songs that have also topped iChart’s weekly chart.

K-Pop artists who achieved a perfect all-kill in 2021 thus far include: IU with 'Celebrity', Brave Girls with 'Rollin'', BTS with 'Butter' and now, aespa with 'Savage'.  

Meanwhile, aespa's 'Savage' has attained an impressive number of sales in the first week in the United States, and so the album is projected to debut on the upcoming Billboard 200. On Oct. 15 local time, Headline Planet revealed the first-week sales of aespa's 'Savage' in the US, during the tracking period of October 8 to 14. With almost 18,000 units sold in the US in its first week, aespa's 'Savage' is expected to debut at number 23 on Billboard 200.

Congratulations to aespa!

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