AK vs AK Movie Review: Sinister Anil Kapoor bakes his birthday cake & eats it too while Anurag Kashyap watches

AK vs AK Movie Review: The Netflix movie releases on the platform today. The dark comedy-thriller sees Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap battle against each other.
AK vs AK Movie Review: Sinister Anil Kapoor bakes his birthday cake & eats it too while Anurag Kashyap watches
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Movie Name: AK vs AK 

AK vs AK Cast: Anil Kapoor, Anurag Kashyap, Sonam Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor. 

AK vs AK Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

AK vs AK Ratings: 3 Stars

Bollywood is no stranger to satires. The industry has a small but interesting collection of satire movies. Adding to the list this weekend is AK vs AK. The Netflix flick stars Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap in the lead. As the title and trailer have already revealed, it is a battle between the actor and producer. The two Bollywood stars play themselves in the suspense thriller while poking fun at themselves and the industry in general. Before we proceed, WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. 

AK vs AK is born after a public spat between Anurag and Anil. Their heated argument goes viral and Anil emerges as a victim in the situation. A furious Anurag cooks up a revenge plan to get back at Anil. The director kidnaps Sonam on Anil's birthday and keeps the actor on his toes as he hunts for his daughter. In the process, the actor drives around the city like a maniac, gatecrashes a Christmas party, chases a driver through a local station and is hit by a car. All these are dubbed as "real" emotions and reactions as a camera follows the actor's chase. 

While we are not indulging in more spoilers, we can tell you that Anil Kapoor shines in the movie. Although there has never been a doubt about his craft, AK vs AK reminds everyone about Anil is an unignorable star. He shines the brightest during his solo moments. The one scene that lingers beyond the credits sees the injured and blood-covered actor beseeching the camerawoman to disclose Sonam's location before he gathers himself only to perform to My Name Is Lakhan. 

While the actor is impressive, AK vs AK doesn't offer anything new for Anil on the performance front. While the movie places the actor in disturbing situations and lets him shine, Anil doesn't leave you doubting that he cannot pull it off thus not offering much of a surprise. Meanwhile, Anurag fits best behind the camera. The filmmaker does not make a dent on Anil's stardom, which his acting skills, in AK vs AK. Anurag tries to embrace the madness of the characters he's directed in the past and manages to sail through but fails to shine. 

A notable mention here about Harshvardhan Kapoor here despite his role was limited to a cameo. The actor gives a taste of his acting in the scene featuring both the AKs. Although Anil downplayed himself in the shot to give the spotlight to HK, Harshvardhan came through in the scene. 

AK vs AK leaves you in splits in a few scenes courtesy the dialogues. Written by Anurag himself, the filmmaker takes digs at himself the best while giving Anil a few hilarious punchlines. One of which includes Anil calls Anurag Ranveer Singh of ch*****s. The famous Faisal dialogue from Gangs of Wasseypur gets an Anurag twist in the movie, whereas Anil takes a dig at a few Bollywood personalities including Anees Bazmee, with whom the actor has done several movies like No Entry and Welcome. 

While all these serve as a delicious icing, the Anil's birthday cake aka AK vs AK gets soggy for it is left out in the open for too long. AK vs AK looked good on paper and even to an extent panned out well on screen. However, it hits a dead end. The final supposed twist did not land properly, leaving the movie high and dry. The movie could have been chopped down or more elements should have been added to keep the viewers engrossed. 

While the plot offers an unusual idea and tongue-in-the-cheek moments, by the time the credits were rolling, not only does the on-screen Anurag but the movie also hit an existential crisis. What was the point of the movie? Was it to celebrate Anil or was it merely an elaborate roast gone wrong with lack of punches at each other? AK vs AK gives a glimpse at how twisted the world could look from director Motwane's eyes. While it is interesting, it might not be a cup of tea many would enjoy sipping. 

Bottom Line: Give AK vs AK a chance to present its innovative idea while it reminds you why Anil Kapoor is Anil Kapoor. 

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Anonymous 3 days ago

I recently watch movie AK vs AK. Anil Kapoor acting is beautiful

Anonymous 2 months ago

A bit difficult to understand .needs a lot of focus .