AKMU feat. IU’s new retro themed MV ‘Nakka’ will leave you in a daze

Updated on Jul 26, 2021 06:01 PM IST  |  159.5K
Stills from the MV ‘Nakka’; Picture Courtesy: YG Entertainment

AKMU's collaboration album 'NEXT EPISODE' was released on July 26. Music fans are more interested than ever because it is accompanied by a unique worldview, star-studded featuring artists, and seven official videos. AKMU has further expanded the musical spectrum through this album. Inspired by the retro sound of the late 20th century, the completed songs created a fresh and experimental genre and narrative by adding the musical colors of several collaborators. The newest collaboration with IU on ‘Nakka’ is simple yet confusing. The MV was retro-themed and had a party feel to it, contrary to the serious lyrics. 

The MV began with Lee Chan Hyuk looking numb and without any emotions as compared to his friends who are joyful and enjoying the party. It quickly progresses to Suhyun, who is in the same room as the previous video ‘Hey kid, close your eyes’. The theme that the two videos share is that Suhyun is the one controlling the outcomes in both aspects. In Nakka, she helps Chan Hyuk as he continuously falls to a new place and makes sure that he is safe wherever he is. She seems to have an ulterior motive but that remains in the dark and will slowly unravel through future collaborative videos. 

AKMU's album theme is 'Transcendental Freedom', which tells the story of a firm will to protect the inner strength instead of yielding to other people's views, standards demanded by the world, and wounds in the heart. It also delivers a message of hope that you can overcome difficult situations and reach your dream destination. 

AKMU worked with 7 top-notch musicians representing various genres. Songs like ‘Hey kid, close your eyes’ (with Lee Sun-hee), where adults look at the reality of adults through the eyes of children, ‘BENCH’ (with Zion. T), which contains the story of one person who can be free from people’s eyes and the standards of the world, I want to do because everyone wants different 'Tick tock tock tock' (with Beenzino), which contains a similar message of pursuing your own free will at your own time and so on. The common idea is freedom- freedom to dress the way you like, sing the way you like, and be the way you like to be. This unique album will surely be breaking records and inspiring people soon. 

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