ALBUM REVIEW: Day6’s Young K’s ‘Eternal’ clutches to promises of forever, lost hope & more in a parting gift

Updated on Sep 09, 2021 05:30 PM IST  |  102.4K
Young K concept photo
Young K concept photo : courtesy of JYP Entertainment

Day6’s bassist Young K spearheaded his first step into the solo world by releasing his mini-album ‘Eternal’ on September 6. A catalogue of 7 tracks, Young K leads this one with contrasting feelings mixed with high-end music. 


best song

Starting with quite literally the ‘best song’, Young K expresses his inspiring love story in ‘best song’ over sounds of combined voices. Making his best song and calling it his ‘last song’, the singer hides his pain in the incredible number.


Guard You

The Korean name for the song promises to keep someone in his arms until the end. The title track for this album, ‘Guard You’ has Young K reassures his lover over emo hip-hop sound as he desperately wishes for them to not leave his side.


not gonna love

Over incessant guitar plucking, Young K battles his take on love that does not give him hope but leaves him wanting for something hotter than what everyone else has. He questions what is happiness and the purpose of life as the drum sound overtakes. The song is the artist’s process of choosing not to love.



Young K personifies as a microphone for his lover as sweet nothings are shared between the two through the song. Artist Dvwn joins with his unique diction, emphasizing wanting to be the only one. A softer sound than the rest, ‘Microphone’ pans out atop an accepting man’s story.


want to love you

Over humble piano notes, Young K begins his narration of an unfulfilled admiration for a person that does not reciprocate it and how he is unfazed, continuing to do his part. His high notes fill the air as his desperateness breaks, concluding with ‘Yeah I’m gonna love you, More than you love me.’


come as you are

Taking a 180-degree turn, Young K is cheerful towards hard-working other people as he serenades them asking about their day. Asking to confide in him, the Day6 member is a kind person everyone would need in their life ‘until their last sigh’.


goodnight, dear

Bringing an end to his self-written story, ‘goodnight, dear’ lends comfort wrapped in a lullaby-like melody. Wishing them a pleasant morning without worries and concerns, Young K bids his time a mellow goodbye, tying up an entangled story with his deep emotions.


The first mini-album from Young K shone in the light of its own as he displayed complex feelings over heavy music, not straying away from his band roots. We recommend ‘Eternal’ for its relativeness and understanding of emotions.


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