Album Review: ENHYPEN’s ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA’, peak adolescence highlighted in a Gen Z package

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ENHYPEN, the best of the best seven boys chosen from survival show ‘I-LAND’, handpicked by top-notch producers and the audiences. Following the vira fame of their last release, EP ‘BORDER : CARNIVAL’ and its songs ‘Drunk-Dazed’ and ‘Fever’, the world waited with bated breath to witness the possibility of another smash hit.


ENHYPEN came through, notably after much struggle concerning their health, with the release of ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’ on October 12. We are reviewing the chart topper 10 days following its release.


Intro: Whiteout:
The first track was revealed days before the official release of the album with an intriguing video, announcing ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’. Listening to the heavy English accents of the ENHYPEN members as they ramble about an unstable state of mind and leaving with a question. The intro indeed makes you curious about what’s to come.


The lead single presents a youthful depiction of seven boys in a school setting while the sound itself boasts of a new wave genre with guitar and synthesizer sounds added in between, based on the 1980s vibes.


Upper Side Dreamin’:
The song is exactly how the name reads, charming, upbeat, point of view of young boys who dream of a fun time on a summer night. The “du du” playing over allows a much more groovy vibe to it.


Just a Little Bit:
This one’s a bit more lyrically pleasing than the others in the bunch playing over soft tunes of guitar and rising notes undisturbed by any raps making it to our long drive list.


Go Big or Go Home:
A dance number through and through, ENHYPEN voice out the essence of a Gen Z life that looks forward to going all out no matter what. If a track apart from the lead single deserves an enthusiastic choreography, then our pick would be this song.


Heavy on the ears, this track starts with an outright rap. Yeonjun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER features on the song as a writer and offers his aura in the best way. Definitely one of our favourites on the album with the hard electric beats and audio pleasing that holds a whole story.


Attention, Please!:
This one belongs on a stage. We can already imagine the crowd hyping up the boys of ENHYPEN who take on boy band roles perfectly well with mic stands accompanying them for a picture-perfect look. Add a live band in the background and the musical pleasure two 
third way through the song will be a public spectacle. 


Interlude: Question:
Like the intro, the interlude is full of whispers from the boys over varying beats that catch the wind. The question part hits on the mark with unanswered queries closing on another possibility.

What an end to the album, well made and carried!


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