Album Review: Golden Child takes the listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions with ‘Game Changer’

Golden Child creates a fun atmosphere through ‘Game Changer’. Read ahead to know more.

Updated on Aug 26, 2021 07:57 PM IST  |  384.5K
Golden Child ‘Game Changer’ Concept Photos
Golden Child ‘Game Changer’ Concept Photos; Picture Courtesy: Woollim Entertainment
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Golden Child is a group of strong vocals, rappers and performers. Their discography contains 5 mini albums, 3 single albums and two full albums. They are known for talks like ‘Wannabe’, ‘Without You’, ‘Pump It Up’, ‘Burn It’ etc where they have created a sound that is extremely unique to the group itself. Their last comeback, 5th mini album ‘Yes’ with title tracks ‘Burn It’ and ‘Breathe’ was a complete hit. This second full-length album from the 10-piece Golden Child moves seamlessly from pop balladry to anthemic EDM without ever losing its footing.

The first track ‘Game Changer’ is the introduction to the detailed world of Golden Child. With ghostly, submerged bell noises, ominous-sounding low brass, joined by strings and pounding drums that reach a riotous crescendo, the pithy opener welcomes the listener to the title track ‘Ra Pam Pam’. 

Ra Pam Pam’ takes a new Latin form and its dynamic rhythm keeps the listeners on their feet. The electric conga, bass and marimba blend to form a beautiful melody that gels with the smooth vocals and bold rap. The lyrics describe the determination of finding their loved one in an apocalyptic situation. The members narrate the emotions they went through when they couldn’t find their lover in the desolate world. 

Incorporating 1980s-style power guitar riffs, cowbell hits and a squiggly synth line embedded into its chorus, 'Bottom Of The Ocean' – Golden Child’s first English-language track – is an unabashedly cheesy slice of pop-rock. Taking the road to mainstream boyband concepts, the song talks about the girl they are in love with and describing her pleasant features such as her smile, walk and how she lights up the entire world with her presence. The upbeat melody and sweet lyrics make for an amazing b-side!

The album really takes flight with the rolling groove of 'Fanfare' which casts everything including the kitchen sink into the mixer – brass samples, killing bassline, pleasingly weighty piano chords, sweeping strings, swelling analogue pads and a euphoric chorus that sweeps everything before it. This party-themed track is the perfect song to let your hair loose and dance your heart out!

The intriguing coupling of Joochan and Bomin combine mellifluously in the easy-on-the-ear 'Singing In The Rain'. A jazzy and blues themed instrumental using light piano keys, drums and snaps, they sing to their loved one from their heart. Joochan’s high tone blends with Bomin’s lower register to create a beautiful song to listen to in an aesthetically pleasing café, sipping coffee and basking in the sun rays on a warm summer afternoon. 

'Game' shrewdly juxtaposes the quick-fire, fluid rapping of TAG with the sweet-sounding timbre of Jibeom. The song is a bold flex on the people who look down on them. TAG’s unique rapping tone compliments Jibeom’s sultry vocal tone and the blend fits the playful melody. 

Bathed in a warm reverb and packing in layer upon layer of ear candy, 'Spell' is a surging standout. The song puts the listener in a trance with the rapid beats and melodious vocals and the lyrics describe the person who has put the members in a spell with their beauty and intoxicating personality and they are willing to do anything for the person. 

Daeyeol’s ‘Out the Window’ is a complete contrast from the previous track as it is a nostalgia-tinged ballad with light vocals highlighted through the song. Using the ‘Peter Pan’ story as a reference, Daeyeol hopes his loved one will fly him out the window to a new, better world. Daeyeol is the only one with a solo track and the song received more meaning because of it. 

Featuring vocalist Y and rapper Jangjun, 'Poppin' gradually accrues additional textural layers as it moves from the stripped back bass and drums verse to the multilayered chorus, which breaks like a tidal wave on your senses. 'That Feeling', the only song to trouble the four-minute barrier, springs an element of harmonic surprise, with a chorus that takes you to somewhere entirely unexpected

It’s all hands on deck for the touching finale 'I Know' where the members sing to their fans and create an emotional atmosphere. They want their fans to know the amount of love, appreciation and respect they have towards them. The upbeat and wishful instrumental along with the deep lyrics is the perfect song to say goodbye to the album with. Joochan’s last line leaving a lingering feeling in the heart as the beautiful album comes to an end.


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