ALBUM REVIEW: Kpop's hottest supergroup OMEGA X rings in revolution with debut mini album VAMOS

OMEGA X is here and they're making an impression meant to last.

Updated on Jul 01, 2021 10:19 AM IST  |  613K
OMEGA X's group photo
OMEGA X's group photo, courtesy of Spire Entertainment
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One of the most highly anticipated K-Pop debuts of 2021 is finally here and it is every bit as unreal and hyde-worthy as we imagined it would be. OMEGA X, who effectively set a precedent of grandeur and uniqueness with their pre-debut reality show ‘Loading One More Chan X”, have officially dropped their first mini-album ‘VAMOS’. Through a total of 5 tracks tapping into some incredibly raw and real sentiments, OMEGA X weave a powerful story of a magnificent return, ready to claim their throne. 

OX Win Ha!

The introductory track sets the tone for the album, giving us a glimpse of the predominant sounds. It is EDM and trap heavy, which gives off the impression of intensity and the start of something grand. This is OMEGA X’s battle cry and what follows is in very simple words, the biggest debut of 2021.



The title track of an album is usually what the majority of an audience, including newer fans and even non-fans, are first introduced to and it is also representative of the album as a whole. When it comes to a debut title track, it becomes even more significant. ‘Vamos’ makes the listener pay attention from the get-go and sustains it till the end. Seconds into the song, you get a precise taste of OMEGA X’s sound and you can’t help but anticipate what comes next. 

Ice Tag

Ice Tag further reinforces OMEGA X’s concept, both when it comes to a sonic aesthetic as well as a thematic overview. However, in contrast to Vamos’ power-packed intensity, Ice Tag incorporates a range of new sounds, from hip-hop and Latin swing to clear Egyptian folkloric influences that ring throughout the song. It is easily the catchiest song in the album and we can’t help but wish it gets a music video.


Omega X

Having a self-titled song on an album sure portrays confidence and moreover, the urge to clearly posit themselves in an industry where nothing is more important than standing out. Special kudos are due to the rap line for this song because the strong and energetic EDM trap is undercut by a refreshingly new rap flow which keeps the song from getting overwhelmingly relentless. Similarly, just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of the song, it jolts you awake with a vocal transition. This is how it’s done and OMEGA X sure is showing the way.



VAMOS, so far, has been a party, an initiation into the musical world and that’s what you expect from the finale as well. However, Younger starts off with a voice recording of a little child and you instantly know that this is going to be an emotional ride reminiscent of the journey fans have been on with OMEGA X. It is an ode to youth, to life, to love, and holds the brightness of sunshine and rainbows without shooing away the dark clouds that once were. The melody also recounts the likes of “Stay Gold” by BTS but OMEGA X’s authenticity shines through. The vocal line comes through loud and clear for this track and the group as a whole resonates as one singular voice. There could not have been a better and smarter creative choice to mark the completion of a wonderful, glorious beginning than to shout out the past and reclaim it as a precious gift.


VAMOS packs a punch full of power and emotions which reflect the wonderful journey OMEGA X has been on and how fateful it was for all of the members to have come together as one. The album focuses equally on curating the group’s authentic sonic distinction as well as the members’ individual talents. Not only is this album a brand new start for the members, but it is also a cultural reset, a revolution in K-Pop. All eyes on OX!


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7 months ago
i love the entire album, so it’s very hard to choose. i guess i’ll say Vamos and ice tag. i can’t wait to see how far this amazing group (and boys) go from here.