Album Review: 'LALISA' is a humble homage to Lisa's Thai roots and a celebration of the global K pop star

Updated on Sep 13, 2021 06:45 AM IST  |  215.6K
BLACKPINK Lisa poses for the concept photo of 'LALISA'
BLACKPINK Lisa poses for the concept photo of 'LALISA' (Pic credit - YG Entertainment)

In her recent interview with Billboard, BLACKPINK's Lisa shared that she legally changed her birth name upon a fortune teller's advice for "good luck". For those unversed, Lisa's birth name is Pranpriya Manoban that roughly translates to “beloved soul.” She changed her name to Lalisa which translates to "one who is praised,” making it the perfect name for a future star. 

Now, you may wonder what has this got to do with Lisa's debut. Well, it is, after all, Lisa's solo debut album named after her now official name which is a humble homage to her much cherished Thai roots and also a celebration of the global K-pop star, the world-renowned diamond maknae of BLACKPINK - Lalisa Manoban! 

Lisa made her highly-anticipated debut with the single album 'LALISA' on September 10 at 9:30 am IST (1 pm KST). The single album contains two songs: the title track 'LALISA' and the b-side track 'MONEY'. Lisa revealed in her Naver live chat that she practically "begged" Teddy Park (BLACKPINK's music producer) to give her these two songs and she would only debut with these songs and no other songs. 

'LALISA' is a hip hop track with a provocative brass riff and a dynamic rhythm fused with traditional Thai music sounds and coloured with the island nation's unique culture, a heartfelt tribute to the artist's roots! It is composed by 24, Bekuh BOOM, and Teddy Park. The lyrics are also written by Teddy Park and Bekuh BOOM. With the title referring to Lisa’s birth name, the song expresses the power of a name, not just any ordinary name but that of a powerful, self-made global superstar 'LALISA'! The song is also a celebration of BLACKPINK's diamond maknae's journey to the top, her struggles and hardships and the power she exudes with her polished look along with high-energy performances that are inimitable and awe-inspiring. Lisa's bold and confident rap is a testament to how far the talented performer has come.

'MONEY' the official b-side track from 'LALISA' is a smooth, flowy and almost conversational kind of rap. Like her title track 'LALISA', 'MONEY' also showcases another side of Lisa, a side only die-hard BLINKs are aware of. Fans know that Lisa is cool as a cucumber and 'MONEY' portrays the "I know I'm a Queen" side of Lisa perfectly without any hint of arrogance about it. It is also an acclamation of BLACKPINK's music, the group which has largely formed Lisa's professional identity - cool, chilled out and catchy, say thy name 'LALISA'

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Anonymous : The good MV visuals was used to over compensate for the cringey repetitive song.
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Anonymous : Bad song
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