Album Review: Red Velvet’s newest EP ‘Queendom’ exudes the feeling of a whirlwind summer romance

Published on Aug 18, 2021 04:43 PM IST  |  231.4K
Queendom’s Concept Photos
Queendom Concept Photos; Picture Courtesy: SM Entertainment

Red Velvet is known to create music by separating the tracks between ‘Red’ and ‘Velvet’ concepts. ‘Red’ is a more upbeat, cute and typical girl group material while ‘Velvet’ is a darker, more experimental side of the group where they take on magic and stories from the beyond. They have made many ‘Red’ concept songs like ‘Red Flavour’, ‘Umpah Umpah’, ‘Power Up’ etc as well as ‘Velvet’ concept songs which are ‘Peek-A-Boo’, ‘Bad Boy’, ‘RBB’ etc. Their latest EP has hints of their older sounds. Red Velvet have also experimented with their songs, adding in camp, soul, retro pop, etc. There are a total of 6 songs: ‘Queendom’, ‘Pose’, ‘Knock on Wood’, ‘Pushin’ N Pullin’, ‘Better Be’ and ‘Hello Sunset’. Each song creates a scene in the mind and together, the EP gives the listeners a feel of the warm winds, chirping of the cicadas and the brewing of a wild love story!

1. Queendom

The title track is a beautiful and upbeat piece on self love, confidence and self esteem. Red Velvet blended their bright, bubbly pop song of summer musicality with their lusher synth styling, balancing a catchy, magical spell-like chorus (“That’s our queendom yeah/Ladida-do Ba-badida”) with slinky, empowering verses that bounce between the members’ tonality. It was the perfect way to welcome the listeners into the magical world on Red Velvet. 

2. Pose 

The second track on the album and this time, takes the encouraging words of self love and confidence through a more sensuous route with the camp-inspired bass and a thumping instrumental. The instrumental is also a reminder of their debut track ‘Happiness’ with the jungle sounding beats and rhythm. With a ‘chant-like’ pre chorus, they have truly experimented well with this track. 

3. Knock on Wood

This track begins the whirlwind romance mentioned earlier. The feeling of magic and wonder is produced through the dreamy pop synth sounds. The lyrics describe the feelings of meeting someone for the first time and the process of falling in love. With the honey dripping vocals and mild chorus, the true feelings of the tenderness and warmth of love can be felt. To feel the magic of love, the track is packed with references to magical characters like Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and the Wizard of Oz.

4. Better Be 

The snappy gloss of Better Be evokes early 2000s R&B and new jack swing hits and soars with the quintet’s singsong back and forth. The track takes the listener to the time of confession. The lyrics are a pure confession of love and with the beautifully light vocals of the members, the song truly captures the whole process and feelings a person goes through while confessing to their crush. 

5. Pushin’ N Pullin’ 

Pushin’ N Pullin’ is the epitome of Red Velvet’s velvety side. It begins with a quirky intro and then slows for a rich delivery of the romantic lyrics. This track shows the interesting side of a blooming relationship. The back and forths, ups and downs, etc. Wendy and Seulgi’s voice stands out in the track and with the contrasting tones between the members creates a dream-like rhythm. 

6. Hello Sunset

The album closer has an early 90’s ballad feel with the snappy instrumentals which includes the delicate sounds of the xylophone and the triangle. The last track is a goodbye to the listeners, the fleeting summer and the whirlwind romance. Accompanied by a ton of text painting, the retro pop and soul sounding track comes to an end, in turn closing the album, with a warm goodbye.

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