Album Review: SEVENTEEN’s ‘Face The Sun’ brings about a new and interesting storyline to CARATs

SEVENTEEN’s latest album sparkles with new and improved sounds and here’s our review on it.

Published on May 30, 2022 06:32 PM IST  |  527.3K
SEVENTEEN Concept Photo
SEVENTEEN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: Pledis Entertainment
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‘Face the Sun’ is the fourth full-length album by SEVENTEEN. It was released on May 27, 2022. ‘Darl+ing’ was pre-released on April 15, 2022. As previously mentioned by SEVENTEEN, their latest album goes into experimental mode as they enter a new phase in their music and while that can be done badly, this album has already done a pretty good job at trying new genres, whether it is with their title track or B-Sides. 

Starting with ‘Darl+ing’, their first fully English pre-release single, it was a nice introduction to the album. From the sweet synths to the simple melody, the song was quintessentially SEVENTEEN. They did a good job at creating an easy-listening and generalised track that one would head bop to during work or even while one relaxes. 

Moving on to the title track, ‘HOT’. While this wasn’t their best title track so far as it can be termed ‘noisy’, which many groups, this comeback season, have been pursuing, it definitely does mark a beginning to the new world of SEVENTEEN in the musical sense. The hard trap rhythm, car beeping noise in the background and the energising post chorus was the best part of the song. The only issue with the song is the excessive autotune. One can call it artistic liberty but it went a smidge too far. The autotune drowned the beautiful voices of the members. 

Now, coming to the B-Sides, ‘Don Quixote’ is a great B-Side! Playing on the concept of being an idealist in the wrong world, the track has an addicting melody and the members' voices blend amazingly well as they sing of being unapologetically themselves. ‘March’ has a similar vibe and sound with the addition of a rock sound by including the electric guitar riffs in the melody. 

‘Domino’ and ‘bout you’ were more upbeat compared to the rest of the album. They are categorised as love songs which talk about understanding the feelings of love and how they try to come to terms with such an overwhelming feeling. ‘Domino’ has a more modern and electro pop sound while ‘bout you’ is almost a bubblegum pop track. 

‘Shadow’ and ‘Ash’ are two very forgettable tracks in my opinion as they sound like any other pop or hip-hop esque song. It doesn’t mean these aren’t good tracks but SEVENTEEN has created better B-Sides than these. 

‘IF You Leave Me’ is the only ballad track in the album and I’ve always loved the way SEVENTEEN does ballads and arguably has the best vocalists in the group. But this track showed the beautiful vocals of all the members as it had all the teams participate in the track, as it has been in the rest of the songs in the album. The heartbreaking track brings a freshness to the album and the sweet message adds to the song. The stripped piano creates a sweet melody that completes the soft vocals. 

Like SEVENTEEN’s entire discography, this album is also amazing but it could be much better. Seeing how this is the new phase of SEVENTEEN, let’s hope to see them dive into this new world of music. 

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Which is your favourite track from the album? Let us know in the comments below. 

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5 hours ago
I do respect your opinion but I actually like Shadow the most, the intensity it offers is deliberately the best it can have to put on for the message it holds. Its a revelation of emotions they cant confine; thus, the use of screaming tones. For me, its a brilliant track.