Album Review: WONHO serenades fans with 7 emotional and gripping tracks

Published on Sep 17, 2021 07:27 PM IST  |  94.5K
WONHO; Picture Courtesy: Highline Entertainment
WONHO; Picture Courtesy: Highline Entertainment

WONHO used this mini-album as an opportunity to give ‘blue’ an uplifting and positive meaning rather than its old, overused meaning of sadness, depression, etc. Ever since leaving MONSTA X, he has very carefully crafted ‘his sound’ through various songs like ‘Lose’, ‘Open Mind’, etc and has now completely owned the soft yet powerful sound with his latest comeback, the 2nd mini-album ‘Blue Letter’. 

The album grips the listeners into WONHO’s world through the short yet uplifting ‘Intro: Seasons and Patterns’. The simple and heart-touching piano melody blesses the ears of the fans and paints a vivid picture of sitting by the calm, blue waves and the starry night sky. The organ and triangle adds a dainty touch to the track. 

We are soon brought to the album's lead track, ‘Blue’. His voice holds a melody smoothly through a straight line, with no need to use much vibrato or variation. The instrumental is uplifting and whimsical with the added bell in the background. Wonho proves himself as a bowl of mushy love as he serenades his love and encourages them to never let the world defeat or belittle their love since it is extremely special. 

‘No Text No Call’ is an emotional number and being in English, it provides a better ground for international fans to truly comprehend the feelings WONHO felt. It has a cute, slow and pretty instrumental with lyrics that describe feelings of remorse and reminiscence of a wounded lover. This track exudes regret, sadness and anger of letting their loved one go. 

This sultry number turned to a love song, also known as ‘Come Over Tonight’ further delves into the overwhelming feelings of someone who wants their loved one to be next to them all the time. The dragged and reverbed chords add a sensuous feel which is a complete contrast to the sappy and sweet lyrics. 

‘24/7’ is completely EDM, with the drop chorus filled with a breezy instrumental. It is an uplifting and encouraging track as WONHO reassures his fans that he will always be by their side, no matter what. The vote of confidence and reassurances add to the breeziness of the song. 

The last track, ‘Stranger’, has an indie feel to it, with WONHO admitting that he needs his loved one near him at all times. The simple yet bold guitar instrumental adds a lot of weight to the song as he sings that he is now a stranger in his world because his loved one isn’t there. The album closer adds a heavy ending to the song but due to the sweet instrumental, there is a hue of whimsicalness present in the album as listeners say goodbye to a wonderful experience provided by none other than WONHO. 

Blue Letter thrives within its raw, soft approach. This is a person reaching out his hand to someone, wanting more from them. But instead of love desperation, Wonho’s delivery comes across as if he’s wondering if he deserves to ask for so much. This vulnerability lends a genuine element to the simplicity of the love songs. 

Blue Letter goes from pop ballads and dance to R&B. Wonho sounds at home with the funky grooves of “Blue”, as well as the hip-hop beats of “No Text No Call”. But he also does a good job in slower tracks (such as the acoustic song, “Stranger”) and in the EDM track “24/7”. Yet, Blue Letter does not sound as busy as its genre classifications make it seem. It’s more like a soothing summer breeze that is there to enhance a perfect summer blue sky.

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