To All the Boys: Always and Forever Review: We know the end but Lana Condor, Noah Centineo are a 'sweet treat'

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo are back to give us unrealistic relationship goals in the third and final instalment, To All the Boys: Always and Forever. Read Pinkvilla's full review below.
To All the Boys: Always and Forever Review: We know the end but Lana Condor, Noah Centineo are a 'sweet treat'
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To All the Boys: Always and Forever

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Cast: Lana Condor, Noah Centineo

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Director: Michael Fimognari

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Stars: 3/5

Lara Jean (Lana Condor) has an affinity towards desserts but even our darling fictional teenager couldn't cook up the 'diabetes-inducing fest' that was To All the Boys: Always and Forever. Don't get me wrong! You're talking to someone who is a sucker for cheesy romances and that is precisely what the third and final instalment of the beloved Jenny Han novels inspired film adaptation is.

To get you reacquainted, it's senior year for Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), who continue to give us unrealistic expectations in the name of 'relationship goals'. Unlike high school sweethearts who eventually part ways during their college years, due to long-distance, Lara Jean and Peter plan to go to Stanford together to kickstart their 'La La Land' happily ever after. While Peter has already gotten in, Lara Jean awaits her fate and ta-da; "We regret to inform you...," comes the plot twist. While Berkeley comes to her rescue, it was love at first sight for Lara Jean and NYU during an expensive school trip to romcom heaven, New York.

Lara is left with the monumental decision; stay back for love or continue to grow into her own self, even if that's 3000 miles away from the one she loves. Let's face it! We know how the story goes (and no, you don't actually have to read the novels beforehand to figure it out!) but there's something endearing about Condor and Centineo's easy going chemistry as Lara Jean and Peter which I couldn't get enough of.

Lana truly is the poster child of 'millennial teenage fictional characters' as Lara Jean and continues to shine in a role she was born to play. It's her actual quirky personality that matches Lara Jean's whimsical side. While Noah seemed bored out of his mind in the second instalment, To All the Boys 3 sees a more mature, gruff performance from the actor as Peter, especially with the whole estranged dad angle, that seemed too minimally prioritised to truly relish upon. Keeping their performances aside, To All the Boys franchise thrived on the two lead's chemistry and Part 3 was filled with tons of new cheesy moments while leaving us warm and fuzzy on the inside by taking the nostalgia route. That pocket twirling sequence is truly one for the books right next to Say Anything's jukebox scene.

It's not just Lara Jean and Peter that we will miss as the supporting cast also played their parts right one more time to give us heartwarming moments as essential side dishes. Anna Cathcart as the catty Kitty continues to be our spirit animal with her back-and-forth bickering with Lara Jean while John Corbett and Sarayu Blue as Lara Jean's father and stepmom Dan and Trina add the right punch without overstaying their welcome.

To All the Boys 3 is spectacular to look at both in production design, costumes and especially the soundtrack. We're taken on montage tours of maskless Seoul and New York to satiate our travel pangs while Girls Generation and BLACKPINK are just what the doctor ordered in the playlist department. Lara Jean and Peter finally have 'their song' and it's definitely an apt choice for the 'not like the rest but the same storyline' couple. Lauv's I Like Me Better makes another triumphant return. P.S. Lara Jean's impeccable and realistic fashion taste is also what I'd like to steal ASAP!

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In finality; Lara Jean's voiceover proudly states how she and Peter aren't the ideal couples we see in classic romantic comedies. Yes, they're not, yet their story is as predictable as it gets. Nonetheless, it's a sweet treat that for many would be worth it, especially with how dark our real-life is turning out to be. To All the Boys was meant to spread the joy of 'love' and that's exactly how they signed off. Always and Forever!