All SEVENTEEN members renew contract with Pledis Entertainment

Updated on Jul 19, 2021 09:40 AM IST  |  362.8K
SVT concept photo
SVT concept photo : courtesy of Pledis Entertainment

In what has come as joyful news to fans, group SEVENTEEN has renewed their contracts with their label Pledis Entertainment. The agency released a statement announcing the renewal on Weverse Feed, a platform where the latest news regarding the group SVT is posted directly by the label. The 13 members have all decided to stay together, under the management of Pledis Entertainment.

In a statement dated 18 July, 10 AM KST (6:30 AM IST), the label said that even before the term of their previous contract was over, all the members of SEVENTEEN sat down to have detailed conversations with each other and the agency, for the future of the group. The members have continued to grow as artists and as a K-pop group within the six years since their debut. Although their previous contracts were scheduled for expiry in 2022, both parties engaged in deep conversations that led to a combined decision of contract renewal. The group wishes to stay together to bring great music and performances to their fans. 

You can read Pledis Entertainment’s statement below.

“Hello. This is Pledis Entertainment.

We inform you that all members of Pledis Entertainment’s group SEVENTEEN (S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino) have renewed their contracts.

For six years since their debut in 2015, SEVENTEEN established themselves as the nation’s best artists based on their trust and faith in Pledis Entertainment.

Even ahead of the expiration of the pre-existing contracts, the 13 members of SEVENTEEN and the agency discussed the group’s future vision in-depth and reached an agreement, making it possible to renew the contracts early on.

The SEVENTEEN members shared the meaning behind the contract renewal as well as their determination, saying, “The 13 members all agreed to continue together through our faith in each other and the strong teamwork we built throughout the years, and we will keep doing our best to show good music and cool performances to our fans all over the world as ‘one team’ SEVENTEEN.”

We will continue to fully support their group promotions as well as their individual activities and do our best to become a solid source of assistance and support. Moreover, we will form more stable, long-term promotion plans for SEVENTEEN both domestically and abroad and grow together with our artists.

We hope fans show unchanging support for SEVENTEEN, and we ask you to watch over the next steps of SEVENTEEN with keen interest and love, as they will advance further with Pledis Entertainment.

Thank you.”

The group released their eighth EP ‘Your Choice’ with the title song ‘Ready to love’ on 18 June, under their project Power of 'Love'. We look forward to all future activities of SEVENTEEN.

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Know more about SVT.

How many members does SEVENTEEN have?
SEVENTEEN has 13 members.

Who is the leader of SEVENTEEN?
S.Coups is SEVENTEEN's leader.

How many units does SEVENTEEN have?
SVT has 3 units, vocal, hip-hop and performance.

Who is the hip-hop unit leader in SEVENTEEN?
S.Coups is SEVENTEEN's hip-hop unit leader.

Who is the vocal unit leader in SEVENTEEN?
Woozi is SEVENTEEN's vocal unit leader.

Who is the performance unit leader in SEVENTEEN?
Hoshi is SEVENTEEN's performance unit leader.


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