Anatomy of a K Drama Scene: Han Seo Jun's one last attempt to make Im Ju Gyeong fall in love with him

Hwang In Yeop and Moon Ga Young's sizzling chemistry sets the screen on fire in a brief intimate moment from True Beauty.
Anatomy of a K Drama Scene: Han Seo Jun's one last attempt to make Im Ju Gyeong fall in love with him
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Our cinema and TV shows have fooled us into believing that romantic sequences have to be grand with big gestures, a heart-stopping love confession and a breath-taking kiss to bring it to fruition. But, sometimes you don't need the grand gestures at all, a good romance is in its moments! One scene, one moment or a feeling can elevate a romantic sequence to great heights! One of the finest and best romantic sequences in any K-drama is between the female lead and the male second lead.

True Beauty was one of the biggest romantic dramas of last year. It followed the story of Im Ju Gyeong, a sweet and shy teenager who has a major complex with her exterior beauty. She goes through great lengths to hide her face until she discovers the magical effects of makeup. Im Ju Gyeong's classmates Lee Suho and Han Seo Jun fall for her. However, in the end, Im Ju Gyeong chooses Lee Suho, while Han Seo Jun gets his big break as an idol. But, there were brief moments of love and intimacy between Im Ju Gyeong and Han Seo Jun, which set our heart-fluttering.

In episode 9 of True Beauty, Im Ju Gyeong tags along to Han Seo Jun's photoshoot as an assistant make-up artist. Han Seo Jun is the least bit interested in the photoshoot, distracted by the growing feelings of love for Im Ju Gyeong in his heart. The director discovers Im Ju Gyeong is Han Seo Jun's friend and is pretty enough to be a model herself, so requests her to help Seo Jun with the photoshoot. While Ju Gyeong readily agrees, Han Seo Jun is trying to keep his distance. As expected, the photoshoot is flopping, frustrated the director declares a break.

Im Ju Gyeong feels bad thinking it is her fault. Im Ju Gyeong offers to help Han Seo Jun clear his face off sweat and dirt before they resume the shoot again. Seo Jun refuses asking her if she thinks it's easy for her. Im Ju Gyeong is confused. All of a sudden, Seo Jun comes close to Im Ju Gyeong, completely backing her against the sofa. She looks at him shocked, while he tilts his head close to her lips. He is testing to see if she feels the same love for him or not. He tries getting even closer, but Im Ju Gyeong's heart belongs to Lee Suho.

He says 'I'm a Man too', a desperate attempt to convey his romantic feelings to her, but Im Ju Gyeong can't take the hint at all! The director walks in and sees the undeniable chemistry between his models and proceeds to take pictures, However, Han Seo Jun is heartbroken! He realises that his last attempt at making Im Ju Gyeong fall in love with him was unsuccessful as she will never love him the way he wants her to. He realises that perhaps it's a bit too late. He pulls her close and coldly declares that he wants to finish this quickly. To the viewers, it was the photo shoot, but for Seo Jun it was his one-sided feelings for Im Ju Gyeong.

You can watch the video HERE.

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