Anatomy of a K drama Scene: How Kim Seon Ho, halmeoni's finale moment cemented the duo as Start Up's best part

*SPOILERS ALERT* In today's edition of Anatomy of a K-drama Scene, we look at Kim Seon-ho and Kim Hae-sook's emotional embrace from Start-Up Ep 16 which also happened to be their last sequence in the popular drama.
Anatomy of a K drama Scene: How Kim Seon Ho, halmeoni's finale moment cemented the duo as Start Up's best part
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*SPOILERS ALERT* As Start-Up; starring Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho and Kang Han-na, has finally reached its conclusion leaving fans in a mess of emotions, today's Anatomy of a K-drama Scene is dedicated to the best relationship in the popular tvN drama: Han Ji-pyeong (Seon-ho) and halmeoni (Kim Hae-sook). We're specifically looking at the duo's final sequence in Start-Up Ep 16.

After halmeoni finds out that Nam Do-san (Joo-hyuk) is back and reunited with Seo Dal-mi (Suzy), halmeoni is ecstatic but finds herself thinking about her 'good boy' Ji-pyeong and how alone he must be right now. Especially with sacrificing his love for Dal-mi so she can have her happy ending with Do-san. Halmeoni immediately makes her way to Ji-pyeong's house, which shocks the latter as he knows about her illness (Halmeoni was dropped off by her daughter-in-law Cha Ah-hyun [Song Seon-mi]). As his forever doting guardian angel, halmeoni brings corn dogs and Yakult to cheer Ji-pyeong up. Even in Start-Up Ep 15, it was revealed that one of the things that halmeoni found some hope in amid her blindness was feeding Ji-pyeong.

While halmeoni noted how Dal-mi had told her Ji-pyeong's house was amazing and that it's a shame she didn't see it before, Ji-pyeong has a smile on his face over the food, which is different from his earlier solemn expression. There's a feeling of immediate comfort that Ji-pyeong has always felt when it comes to halmeoni, who is the closest thing to a family for him.

Ji-pyeong brings up the topic of paying off halmeoni's 'emotional support' debt on him by saying he'll buy her an apartment which ticks the latter off and she berates him on the same. "If you feel so bad, do something nice for someone worse off than me," halmeoni states. This inspires Ji-pyeong to eventually invest in Hong Ji-seok's (Yeo Jin-goo cameo) start-up company for orphans as revealed later in Start-Up Ep 16.

When Ji-pyeong exclaims that he owes her and if he were in halmeoni's place, he'd have already gotten it over with, halmeoni gets scared because she thinks her good boy might be leaving Seoul because he can't deal with the heartbreak. While reassuring halmeoni that he's not going anywhere, Ji-pyeong recalls the latter's Ep 1 words to his younger self: "Promise me. If you become successful, don't call me. Don't call me if you become rich and get married. Don't call me if you're happy. I don't want to feel jealous. But call me... if you're going through a rough patch. Come to me if it's raining and you have nowhere to go like you once did. Don't just stand in the rain. You know where to find the keys."

Ji-pyeong tries to lie saying he is doing "a bit to well" but is interrupted by halmeoni, who states, "Don't do that. Call me even if you're doing well. Visit me often. Come see me whether something happens or not... Just come over. Come over and talk nonsense. I'm almost deaf and blind now. You can say and do anything in front of me. Laugh and cry all you want. I won't ask why. So come see me often. You shouldn't get too used to being alone. Don't... become any lonelier, Jipyeong, okay?" As Ji-pyeong fights through his tears and agrees, halmeoni gently reaches for the former's face, wipes his tears and envelops him in a tight embrace. Ji-pyeong's tough exterior immediately shambles as halmeoni sweetly chants, "It's okay. Don't cry. I'm here for you," patting Ji-pyeong's back offering comfort.

The parallels when it comes to Start-Up's storytelling have always left fans amazed (the letters, the girl on the swing) but it's the relationship between Ji-pyeong and halmeoni which we will most admire and what will have an impactful effect when we think about Start-Up, years from now. Halmeoni proved yet again in Start-Up Ep 16 just how important her good boy is to her and how much she cares for his happiness. She knows him like the back of her hand, even when blind. Ji-pyeong's confused state of mind over his heartbreak is given more closure knowing that he doesn't have to distance himself from halmeoni because of his feelings for Dal-mi as halmeoni will not allow it.

In their last sequence, it's the subtle hand movements, especially when halmeoni doesn't let go of Ji-pyeong's hand, which tells us that even though Ji-pyeong didn't get the girl at the end, he still has his family and that sometimes is more than enough.

Watch Kim Seon-ho and Kim Hae-sook's emotional embrace scene in Start-Up below:

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What did you think of Han Ji-pyeong and halmeoni's last sequence in Start-Up Ep 16? Loved it or hated it? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Anonymous 4 months ago

I really loved this scene. Their relationship definitely was the best! It breaks my heart every time Han Jipyeong cried. Kim Seon Ho definitely played his part well.

Anonymous 4 months ago

If not the best,, definitely one of the greatest performance of Kim Seon Ho as Jipeong in this drama series... What a great Actor .. Please continue doing good performances...I salute you..Well done KSH. God bless you

Anonymous 4 months ago

Its the first time I am crying like this!!! It was heartbreaking moment in startup. And han ji pyeong and helmoni will be the characters who will remain in my heart forever ❤

Anonymous 4 months ago

I cried so hard watching this scene. I cried again in the rewatch. Reading your article here, again I cried. Oh how much I love Good Boy and halmoni’s relationship.