Anatomy of a K drama Scene: THIS Joo Hyuk, Seon Ho moment proves we were cheated out of epic Start Up bromance

*SPOILERS ALERT* While the love triangle with Suzy was the central focus, today's Anatomy of a K-drama Scene delves into an underrated Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Seon-ho sequence which proves we were cheated out of an epic bromance.
Anatomy of a K drama Scene: THIS Joo Hyuk, Seon Ho moment proves we were cheated out of epic Start Up bromance
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Start-Up aired its final two episodes last weekend and Twitter had a major meltdown over the ending. While some were satisfied, some weren't. In today's Anatomy of a K-drama Scene, we look at an underrated moment shared between Nam Joo-hyuk's Nam Do-san and Kim Seon-ho's Han Ji-pyeong which proves that we were cheated out of, what could have been, an epic bromance.

While there were several scenes between the duo that had us laughing out loud, somehow, the love triangle with Seo Dal-mi (Suzy) always provided a barrier on their potential friendship. In Start-Up Ep 15, we see the two argue over who gets to keep Dal-mi's letters, which were originally written to Ji-pyeong under the pretence of Do-san's name. While initially, the two decide to trade the letters and the money plant gifted by Dal-mi, Do-san changes his mind and refuses to part ways with the letters.

An irritated Ji-pyeong ends up at Do-san's family home and they proceed to get drunk with the latter's father and mother (played by Kim Won-hae and Kim Hee-jung). This led to a round of few more hilarious Do-san and Ji-pyeong moments. The next day, a hungover Ji-pyeong starts recollecting the night before he remembers how Do-san confided in him that it was his hands that Dal-mi liked the most. Taking us back to the last few episodes, Ji-pyeong comes to the conclusion that Dal-mi was never really over Do-san.

Leaving the confines of Do-san's bedroom and entering the kitchen, Ji-pyeong eavesdropped on Do-san and his mom's conversation. While wondering if Ji-pyeong likes spicy food, Do-san sweetly asks his mother if they have any kongjaban left to pack up and give to the former. Why this simple sequence is so meaningful is because, in the same episode, we see how Ji-pyeong had revealed to Dal-mi, as a ruse to make Do-san jealous in the elevator, that his favourite side dish was kongjaban.

On one hand, there's the feeling of empathy towards Ji-pyeong for Do-san, especially with their prior night conversation. Ji-pyeong confessed to Do-san that the reason why he chose his name for the letters was that he was envious of having seen a young Do-san celebrating with his family on TV after his competition win. Knowing how alone he's been all his life, Do-san feels giving him home food cooked by his mother would make Ji-pyeong happy, like how halmeoni (Kim Hae-sook) keeps sending the latter home food.

On the other hand, Ji-pyeong not only realises that Do-san is the one for Dal-mi, but he also confirms that the latter is genuinely a good person with no malicious intent. This further leads to Ji-pyeong sacrificing his first love by backing out not just for Dal-mi but even Do-san's happiness, simply for the reason that he's a good guy.

Ji-pyeong refuses to have the hangover soup or take the packed kongjaban home and his change in demeanour leaves Do-san stumped. "Mr. Nam. I was going to keep playing dumb knowing how dull-witted you are. But I can't. Listen up. I won't say it twice. Stop feeling inferior to me. Work on your self-esteem and look at Dal-mi again. Then you'll know who she really likes. With those hand alone, you beat our memories," Ji-pyeong later advises Do-san which leads to the latter's reconciliation with Dal-mi and their eventual happy ending. "It's okay. This is enough," a tearful Ji-pyeong consoles himself while looking at the letters and potted plant, which will be his only memory of Dal-mi.

As we said, the kongjaban sequence might have been just for a few seconds, but it helped to finally put an end to the love triangle while also showing us that we really missed out on a heartwarming bromance! Even if Start-Up Ep 16 saw Do-san and Ji-pyeong bury the hatchet, we still didn't get those bromance moments many were craving for when it wasn't just for the laughs.

Check out Nam Joo-Hyuk and Kim Seon-ho's underrated bromance sequence in Start-Up below:

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