Anatomy of a K Drama Scene: Kim So Yeon's dramatic yet stunning piano sequence from The Penthouse S1

Kim So Yeon's Cheon Seo Jin begins to descend into doom and despair in this beautifully orchestrated piano sequence from The Penthouse S1.
It is the 15th episode from The Penthouse S1 Anatomy of a K Drama Scene: Kim So Yeon's dramatic yet stunning piano sequence from The Penthouse S1
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Some sequences leave you stunned in silence and shock, with just how wonderfully well it has been enacted and executed. One such sequence was the 'famous piano ' sequence from The Penthouse: War In Life. Kim So Yeon is not an actor who I was familiar with before I watched her in The Penthouse S1, but Good God, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She is such a powerhouse performer with a strong hold onto her emotions and body language, yet when you watch her perform on screen, you feel she is losing complete control. This is the sign of a fantastic actor and performer. 

The women rule the roost in The Penthouse series, and Kim So Yeon has certainly emerged as the finest performer from the entire cast. She is dramatic when required and a wall-flower, in sequences otherwise. She can be a force to reckon with or she can be a gentle-mellow presence in the series. The scene, I'm referring to is from The Penthouse: War In Life, episode 15. The scene that shows us the very first glimpse of Cheon Seo Jin's descent into absolute madness and lust for wealth and power, and how she will never be able to get off the abyss of darkness, she has gotten herself into.

Oh Yoon Hee reveals Cheon Seo Jin's clandestine affair with Joo Dante to Cheon Seo Jin's father, Cheon Myung Soo, the director of Cheong A foundation. Mr Cheon is livid and decides to bar his daughter from Cheong A foundation, forever. Cheon Seo Jin chases after him, doing everything she can to convince him otherwise, but he is adamant. At one point, Cheon Seo Jin yells in desperation that all of this is her father's fault! She yells that her father pushed her to do everything, despite her mediocrity. Her father stares at her in shock and disbelief, as she continues yelling at him. In a beautiful moment of Karma unbeknownst to Seo Jin, her own daughter, Ha Yoon Byeol, will do the same to her, but that's for the future. 

She justifies her affair claiming that all she craved was true love, something which men in her life have deprived her of. Mr Cheon is enraged with these silly excuses and slaps her hard.  Mr Cheon and his daughter wrestle for the lucrative Cheong A property, as the rain beats down hard on them. Suddenly, the old man suffers a stroke and rolls down the stairs. Cheon Seo Jin quietly walks towards her father. He gingerly raises his hand, asking for help. She gives him one hard look, her eyes evil and malicious and picks the papers over her ailing father!

She holds the papers close to her chest and runs for her life! Soaked to the bone, she reaches her studio and dramatically begins playing the piano, her hands covered in blood! She screams and yells and beats the piano's keys with her fingers, angry, hurt, scared and perhaps guilty. But you see the descent of a woman into madness and an abyss that will only take her down to hell! 

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