Anatomy of a K Drama Scene: When Hong Dae Young protects his children from rain with just his outpouring love

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Anatomy of a K Drama Scene: When Hong Dae Young protects his children from rain with just his outpouring love

At different stages of one's lives, we find ourselves feuding with our parents. From trivial things to bigger and significant matters - we always find ourselves conflicted with our parents and vice versa. The common grievances are 'My parents never understand me' or 'I wish my children know I have their best interests'. It is true though, neither of them understand each other enough, but it is also true that they love each other unconditionally, whether they admit it or not.

18 Again is a 2020 drama that starred Lee Do Hyun, Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun in lead roles. A masterful adaptation of Zac Efron's 17 Again, 18 Again explores the themes of youth, parental love, sacrifices, career and family in a beautifully poignant story. Lee Do Hyun plays Hong Dae Young, a star basketball player who quits his flourishing sports career to marry his pregnant girlfriend Jung Da Jung. The couple is blessed with twins- a boy and a girl at the young age of 18 years and work odd jobs to pay for their children's schooling and expenses

One of my favourite scenes from the drama is the 'Umbrella' sequence. I don't remember what episode it is, but I gathered the 'Umbrella scene' is everyone's favourite! A young Jung Da Jung is working as a receptionist. She calls Hong Dae Young to remind him to drop the kids to school. Hong Dae Young groggily wakes up and takes the kids to school. The kids have dressed adorably in bunny suits paired with hand-painted moustaches on their faces!

Jung Da Jung calls Hong Dae Young asking him to pick the kids from school. Suddenly, it starts raining. Hong Dae Young realises that the kids haven't carried an umbrella and rushes to their school. The scene shifts to people walking in the rain, some alone, others holding their loved ones close. A sweet voiceover says in the background - "On rainy days, people can measure how big their love is. Even when they share umbrellas as everyone holds them at different angles. It’s clearly visible how big their love is. So love and rain can come hand in hand.”

The camera shifts to Hong Dae Young who is walking soaked to the bone, but with a genial and satisfactory smile on his face! He covers his children with an umbrella. He apologises for painting moustaches instead of whiskers on their faces. The kids smile and reply that it was fun to do so! Some scenes move you and tug at your heartstrings without being overly dramatic, this scene from 18 Again does just that!

You can watch the heartfelt Umbrella scene below:

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