Anatomy of a K drama Scene: Why only Park Seo Joon could make his Fight for My Way 'aegyo' moment not cheesy

Updated on Dec 05, 2020 10:20 AM IST  |  4.8M
Park Seo-joon played Ko Dong-man, a mixed martial arts fighter, in Fight for My Way
Anatomy of a K drama Scene: Why only Park Seo Joon could make his Fight for My Way 'aegyo' moment not cheesy

Will all Korean drama aficionados, please stand up?! Full disclosure; it was in 2020 when my love for dramas began, which started with Itaewon Class and rest is history. If like me, K-dramas were your go-to, to get by the hellish year, i.e. 2020, then here's a new Pinkvilla series to sink your teeth into: Anatomy of a K-drama Scene.

How it goes is; picking iconic or even underrated sequences from Korean dramas which are then dissected and open for readers' interpretation in the comments section. For today, we have Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won's beloved 2017 drama Fight for My Way. The scene, in particular, that I'm writing about is the iconic 'aegyo' scene which is amongst the Most Google Searched for Seo-joon. With Choi Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) wanting her boyfriend Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) to quit his dangerous profession of being a mixed martial arts fighter, the former decided to use her cuteness to convince the latter. While Ae-ra's cutesy theatrics don't work on Dong-man, the latter decides to turn it into an 'aegyo' battle.

"Dong-man is sad. Ae-ra keeps saying that Dong-man can't fight. That makes me sad. I'm so mad," Dong-man acts out in the most 'aegyo' way possible. Sounds super cheesy right? But, that's Seo-joon's charm; to make cheesy look endearing and not awkward to watch at all! From his pouty expression to the deadpan humour, this scene is pure comedy classic.

Adding a wittier touch to the scene is the horrified expression on not just Ae-ra's face but even Dong-man's coach Hwang Jang-ho (Kim Sung-ho) and trainer John Karellas (Julien Kang). "Dong-man, I'm holding a knife," Jang-ho quips at Dong-man. There's also the underlining of worry, very evident on Ae-ra as Dong-man almost loses his sense of hearing after a ghastly fight. Hence, the imminent worry.

Even though the said episode had its dramatic moments, it was this comic relief scene that added just the right flavours for viewers to fall in love with Dong-man and Ae-ra's eccentric relationship. It also makes it one of my favourite rewatchable scenes from the series.

Watch Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won's hilarious 'aegyo' battle in Fight for My Way below:

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