Blue Lock Chapter 254: Release Date, Where To Read, What To Expect And More

Explore the intricacies of Blue Lock Chapter 254 as Isagi, Hiori, and Kunigami counter Shidou and Charles' synergy on the field. Release details, expected plot, and more.

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Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix
Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

The upcoming Blue Lock Chapter 254 promises to delve deeper into Isagi, Hiori, and Kunigami's tactical maneuvers as they strategize to counter the formidable synergy of Shidou and Charles on the field. As they aim to surpass their previous performance, readers can expect an intense gameplay. Find out the release details, where to read the chapter, what to expect and a recap of the previous chapter here.

Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock Chapter 254: Release date and where to read

Blue Lock Chapter 254 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, globally, via Kodansha's K Manga platform. In Japan, it will release on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 12 am JST. The chapter will be accessible through the K Manga website or app and will continue the intense soccer action.

Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

What to expect in Blue Lock Chapter 254

Football fans can anticipate further development of Isagi, Hiori, and Kunigami's strategy to counter Shidou and Charles's synergy on the field in Blue Lock Chapter 254. As they strive to surpass their previous performance, an intense gameplay with tactical maneuvers is likely to arise.

Additionally, Blue Lock Chapter 254 will likely showcase Michael Kaiser, Alexis Ness, and Benedict Grim launching their new attack immediately after kickoff. Fans can look forward to witnessing Kaiser's exceptional skills as a New Generation World XI player. Expect an action-packed chapter that pushes the boundaries of football and teamwork in the world of Blue Lock.


Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock chapter 253 recap

In Blue Lock chapter 253, titled Den of Demons, the focus shifted to Shidou and Charles, who were basking in the glory of their recent goal. Despite their celebration, they realized that their synchronicity in performance was unexpected, each crediting the other for their remarkable play. This realization led them to conclude that their ideal performances had somehow aligned, creating an unstoppable force on the field.

Meanwhile, Isagi and Hiori were tasked with analyzing Shidou and Charles's exceptional coordination to replicate it. Their discussions were interrupted when Noel Noa challenged them to surpass their previous achievement by creating an ultimate attack. Noa recognized the threat posed by Shidou and Charles' combination and devised a strategy to neutralize Shidou's influence by assigning Kunigami to restrict his movements.


Kunigami, reflecting on his past interactions with Shidou, agreed to the plan and joined forces with Isagi and Hiori. With their newfound determination and strategic alliance, the stage is set for an intense showdown as they strive to exceed the formidable teamwork of Shidou and Charles.

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